Once upon a time, in a small city, there lived a sad girl. No one ever really knew why this girl was sad, because she had everything she had ever wanted. She was pretty, she had plenty of friends, and she was smart. But, this girl wanted one more thing. She wanted someone to love her in more than friends could.

Many people tried to cheer the sad girl up, but it would not work. She decided that, since the one boy she liked so much, paid no attention to her, that there was something wrong with her. That she was ugly and stupid and that she was not good enough for him.

Slowly, this girl started to long for him, writing little love notes about him whenever she had a spare piece of paper. She would write about how she was not good enough for him. One day, she decided to change that. The girl decided to, at first, just start to wear a little more make-up, the way that girls he liked did. Then, she just switched the way she wore her hair, and then dyed it. After that, she began to hang out with people that he thought were "cool" and began to push her close friends away because they were no longer cool enough for her, or him.

Her friends noticed her behavior, and told her that any guy that she needed to change for was not worth her time. They also told her she was beautiful the way she was. But she just ignored them, and continued to long for this one boy who she changed herself for.

One day, she finally worked up the nerve to ask him out. She wore her hair, make-up, clothes, and herself, the exact way she knew that other girls he had gone out with wore. She smiled sweetly, and simply asked him out. But he turned her down without a second thought. The girl became even sadder than she had been before, and ran home crying.

Sitting alone in the bathroom, staring at her tear streaked reflection; she told herself she was not good enough for him. She never would be. Her friends had hear what had happened, and called her. But she would not answer. She could not answer. She was sitting with a sharp piece of her mirror she shattered and was slicing her wrist. The pain of being turned down was apparently unbearable. And if she was not good enough for him, she was not good enough to liveā€¦