Gas Chambers and Ventilators

Free falling,

the double team transverses the couplings of times bonding and Freudian free balling.

They're calling for you in another world,

the dimensions all a twirl in their surly masks of incompetence and damnation,

the contempt is such of a free world.

The free world being a concept of irony

wherein those who live and deal are chained to desks

and separated by bastardizations and nationalism.

to form thought takes time and intuition,

to interrupt the cycle is to make a man a dog,

to log his life as null and void, free of the paranoid.

To live is to witness the laughter, the love, the justice,

Heartbreaks and hearses and maddening verses,

the chambers, compressors and air depressors.


I know not

for I am but a lone dreamer in risky world

where true free thought is terrorism and gas canisters disperse with deadly false heroism,

as the soldiers rush their own nation to purify what is already pure.

The land of the free is a bit of a character.