It was odd seeing Jake on the floor. His head, colored a deep grey by the mass of bumps. His once soft, smooth face was now a myriad of scars. The tiny red lines crossing each other like the thousand little wandering lakes across the Amazon.

Sean crouched over the body and stared into the lifeless eyes of his friend. The copper red blade was dangling from his hands. His own pair of emerald green eyes was dead. He seemed to be observing the horrible mess of Jake's face like he would a Da Vinci.

The soft sobbing Chad's could be heard drifting through the damp, afternoon air. It was rhymic to Sean, almost musical in fact. He hummed along to the whimpering.

Chad tried to move. He shifted from under the kitchen table and dashed towards the door. His sweaty hands jiggled the doorknob of the back door, and when he found it to be stuck, the tears flowed out. His heart was panting, his eyes were mad. He screamed when he head the soft sigh of Sean behind him. "Please let me go…I don't want to die…" Chad pleaded. He fell to his knees and brought his hands together. "Please.." Sean smiled, and squatted down. His eyes leveling with Chad's.

Through the soft flurry of pleadings, Sean took Chad's face with his hands. The soft, manicured hands played with the face for a while, caressing the high cheekbone that attracted the many girls from school. Chad looked up, his face stained with tears. "When I asked you to kill him, I didn't mean it…I …was just playing around!" Sean shook his head slowly. Mockingly.

"My dear, dear Chad." Sean threw Chad down onto the marble floor. His head bounced off the shiny tiles and the soft blonde hair was streaked with red. Sean stood up and paced about the crouched, shivering body. "You lied to me…you always did. You told me that we could be together. And now, now that I've done it, you come and tell me that it was a joke?" Sean grabbed the sliver .22 from his leather jacket and shoved it into Chad's back. "But I do know a way where we could be together. I know a way where I would be able to take care of you forever." Chad's eyes widened and his hands rushed to push himself away. But darkness engulfed him before he could do anything when the blast blew away his spinal cord.

Chad lay limply in the soft hospital bed, the white pastel walls were pleasing to the eyes, but he could not see now. How could he, when Sean had taken out both his eyes? Chad's entire body was covered with bandages, save his nose and mouth. "Here, have this, I just bought it from the market this morning." Chad opened his mouth reluctantly as Sean slotted a sliced apple into the dry, shaking mouth. "There's a good boy." Sean smiled to himself as he sliced another small portion of the crimson apple off, and fed it to Chad. "Eat more."