Unseen Fragility

- Bottled

Grab my hand,
Hold me close.
Press my shivering frame into your warmth.
Please, please
Don't let go.

Tears refresh,
Lips tremble madly,
Unstoppable sobs take over.
Ask no questions, I beg you.
Just hold me.
For now.

I'm tired…
Really, just so tired…

Tired of running,
Tired of pretending.
Tired of laughing,
Tired of crying.

This is the real me.

The girl behind the smiles,
The petal dangling just.
I'm not strong,
I'm not unbreakable.
I'm a human too.

I'm me.

Is it wrong to wish
That one day I will be loved?
Truly loved?
And in those Loving arms,
Fears shall flee,
Sorrow shall cease.
And I can finally be just… just me.

Idiotic hope!
Wishful thinking!
Alarms ringing for the reality!

As if.
That will never happen.
So give up. Now.
And keep running…