Look inside me,
What can you see?
That I am not happy?
I long to be free.

My heart is shattered,
My chest filled with pain,
But you can not see my tears,
I am standing in the rain.

I am screaming out,
The words that crack my soul,
I can not do this anymore,
I will never ever be whole.

I really mean this,
I am in unbearable pain,
I wash my face,
But I can still see the stains.

My scars are deep,
My tears are burning,
And I need to go,
My heart is yearning.

My anger is building,
My chest about to explode,
Because I can not take,
The pain in this load.

That just keeps building,
The pressure forcing me down,
Stealing me away,
Deepening my frown.

Killing me more inside,
So I can be free,
Killing me slowly,
But that is ok with me.

a/n: Alright, I know I haven't written in awhile, but oh well. I'm not sure I like this that much, tell me what ya'll think. Criticism, good and bad is always welcome.