The Bar

By: Elizabeth Martin

I am so freaked out. I do not know where to start. Right now I'm in my small apartment waiting for the phone to ring. I'm waiting for someone to knock on my door. But instead I get something else. A startle.

It all happened when I started working for that weird bar in San Francisco. I'm just one of those type of girls who likes weird things. The bar was located in this small, dark, skinny alley that led to a rusted door. They were looking for workers. I had to go through a little interview.

They asked me weird questions though. " How many times have you seen someone attacking someone else in the night?" the young man said. He was scary looking. He had red dyed hair, pale skin, a lip ring, and red eyes. They were probably contacts.

" Um never…well I did see a bar fight when I lived back in Atlanta," I said touching my brown and gold dyed locks nervously with a nervous smirk on my face. " What would you do if you saw someone getting killed? And everyone acted like it was alright," he asked me.

" Well I would…go with the flow you know! I would think it's some kind of show or somethin'," I said getting more nervous. He grunted and said, " What if it was real?"

I parted my mouth then closed it then opened it and said, " I would call for help." The questions got weirder and weirder and had nothing to do with work. They hired me though and I was surprised.

My first day was really weird. I felt like I was the only nervous person working there. The girl that was also a bartender was name Sandra. She had pale skin, short black spiky hair that was shaped into a mohog, and she had eyes the color of phlegm. She was a Goth just like everyone else in the place.

People ordered the same thing, Bloody Mary, and that was supposed to be a new drink. I never drank it because it smelled disgusting. " Girl, what the Hell is this?" I said to Sandra.

She picked up the drink and drank it down in a gulp. " Rat's blood," she said simply. I looked at her like she was one crazy cracker. " You must be out of yo damn mind," I said and continued to wipe off the counter.

One day I met this fine white boy. Oooo he looked like Leonardo D'Caprio! His hair was blonde and fell over his hazel blue eyes. I looked at him and said, " May I insist you in anyway sir?"

A vicious smirk came over his face and I blushed finding that attractive. " Bloody Mary," he said and gave me a twenty-dollar bill, " keep the change." I smiled and said, " I'll be right back."

I walked in the back and got one of the cleanest cups and poured that foul smelling drank in the cup. I came back and gave it to him. " Thanks," he said and drank sipped it.

" May I ask you a question?" I asked him. He nodded his head as he finished the last of the drink. " What makes that nasty smelling drink so good?" I asked him. " You must try it," he said and left me without a goodbye.

I didn't try the drink…it smelled to bad. It was like drinking something off of Fear Factor. So instead I ran my hair through my locks and took my break. I went over to McDonald's and got fruit and walnut salad. I love fruit!

When I was off my break I was cleaning out the glass cups. I looked over to Sandra and watched her take off her Goth choker. A red mark was on her neck. She looked at me and smirked. " Girl you got a hicky!" I said smiling. She gave a short laugh and shook her head slightly.

When the bar was closing down I was so thirsty and my Sprite Remix was already in my tummy. So I took a glass cup and poured a Bloody Mary. I held my nose and took a sip reluctantly.

I dropped it and it fell on the ground in shattered pieces. I spat out the drink. The drink that was really blood! I couldn't believe it! I heard someone laugh. I looked behind me and saw that man that looked cute to me.

He smiled widely this time and I saw fangs. Small tiny fangs that looked extremely sharp. " Vampire?" I said in my mind. " Yes we are vampires," he said reading my mind. " And you have a choice to either join us or die," he said.

" But I don't want to become a vampire or be dead," I mumbled as tears ran down my face. " Aw. I'm sorry but I cannot let you go on knowing our secret. You might tell someone and maybe a band of people would come during the daytime and burn us all in our sleep," he said coming towards me with his hands in his pockets.

" But I swear I will tell no one!" I said. Now he was really close to me and he touched my face and whispered " Dead or Dead? Which one would you rather prefer?" I looked down and then looked outside of the windows. " The sun is coming up. Please…give me time," I said. He laughed and said, " So you know that we are allergic to the sun." I blinked and he was gone.

Now I'm in my apartment and scared to death. I would've expected a knock on my door or a call. But instead I get a startle. I turn around and I see him. The vampire. " Vampire…I would rather prefer to be a vampire," I say raising my head up.

" That was a smart choice," he said and grabbed my neck and sunk his fangs into my skin. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I fell onto the ground. I saw nothing but felt drops of blood come into my mouth.

My vision came back and I felt ecstasy as I drank the blood from his open wound. Yes. I'm a vampire. I feel the power shooting through my body and then I fall back down onto the ground,

I twitch and move around on the floor. I see things of my past life as a human. My back arches and my teeth turn into fangs. My locks grow longer and my brown skin goes paler. My eyes o I feel tears of blood streaming down my face and down my neck. I scream and the scream is like a thousand violins played by monkeys.

Then I lay still. My eyes flutter open and I rise up like a zombie from the grave…just like the movies. I see my fireplace and I scream. The light! I can't take the light! I shield myself with my arm and craw over to where I hear that young man's voice " You will get used to the darkness soon and then you'll be able to be able to hang around fireplaces and lit candles. But until then…I must teach you how to feed…"