I look towards the sun
As Apollo pulls it by
Warming my white pale skin
Looking all prepared to die

In my dark confinements

Living in a high tower
So close that I could hear heaven's call
But to far from man's pathway
Drifting my attention to the walls

Into the eyes of quiet death

I curse and shake the iron bars
The animal all alone
The beast in seclusion
As its misery starts to grow

Trapped in a heartbreaking tragedy

I sit on the floor thinking
Is this the end of my time?
But like a silver lining
A key glints in the grime

Were the angels just singing?

I leap from the window
And thrust hope into its place
And limp down the winding stairs
With confined broken grace

I open the door…

And glance around me.
The air is so calming and free
The grass long and sweet
And a barb wire fence surrounds me

The Gods laugh overhead.