In which Sibling #1 informs Kayleen that the rulers of the universe do in fact, rule the universe. Or, something like that anyway.

I can hear Seb tapping. And there are two emotions to this. One, that I'm not quite sure that I want him here because it's only been twenty minutes since Chris left, and two being WHOOPE! SOMEONE IS HERE TO SAVE ME FROM MOPING! TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH!

And although the second feeling is more…elaborate, let's say, than the first- I'm still not sure which one I'll follow.

So, I think I'll just wait to see what Seb does.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

…Anymore? I don't hear any. Maybe he left.

That makes me sad. Maybe I should have gone with the more elaborate emotion.

Tap. Oh, hey, he's still here.

"Kayleen? Hey, did I do something? Like, I know that I haven't exactly been your favorite person, but this is the first time you've really ignored me. So, did I do something recently? I mean," I guess I should let him in. The floor is cold on my bare feet. And so is the door handle. I wonder if there's a window open or something. "Even though you're with my brother, can't we still be- Oh! Hey Kayleen!" Snort, his hand is still in the tapping on the door position.

"Hey Seb. No, you didn't do anything. If anybody did anything- I'm sure that it was your brother."

"Oh…yeah, he does stupid shit sometimes." He's just standing there…is he going to come in or what?

"Are you going to some in the room or what?"

"Oh what? Oh, yeah okay." Damn, is he flustered or what? I wonder if something happened. Maybe he'll tell me now that the door is closed.

Or not. We could just sit on the bed all day…I guess.

"So, what did that jack-ass of a brother I have do this time?" Everyone…

"Why does everyone seem to say that he's a jack-ass?" And the sighing. When people sigh, you know it's a bad thing.

"Because he is." Naw, really? I never would have guessed.

"Any chance of you know, elaboration?" Have people always stared at me constantly, or am I only just noticing?

"No." Damn.

"Why not?"


"You are such an ass."

"Yup." Ha! Meanie. You even made me chuckle too. I don't like you. NEH!



"So, what the hell did that idiot do?" Oh, yeah. I don't really want to talk about it. But, I also kind of do. So confused. Okay, just tell him. Breath. Breath.

"I think that he really wants to get in my pants." And it didn't even faze him.

"And you don't want to?"

"Hell no! I mean, to me three days ago I was still fourteen!"

"That makes sense. I mean, a lot of seventeen year-olds don't want to have sex. So, what did he do?"

"Well, he won't stop. I mean, he always used to be such a nice kid. And I knew him. And he was something strong, that I knew- you know? But he's changed. I don't know what's happened to him!"

"Then why don't you break up with him? I mean, you were pretty quick to get with him in the first place. Especially since he'll be going to collage next week." I wish I knew why I couldn't. Wait…

"Collage?! Oh yeah, he's a year older than us. He's already graduated."

"Just barely, but he did." Damn, Seb looks really annoyed at his brother. Maybe they never really liked each other. Maybe that's why Chris moved into his Aunt and Uncle's house.

And, Chris always used to be good at school.

"Wait! Are you going to collage this year Seb? I heard that you graduated early." Oh my god! He's blushing. That is so awesome!

"Who told you that? Was it Jess!? I'm going to kill that girl…" Snort! He didn't want me to know! I find that amusing.

"Naw, it was my BFF's. Kim, Bella, and Zoe?" What's with the groaning?!

"Not them!"

"What wrong with them!?" My best friends you're talking about here Mister!

"It's the Bitches of the school!" MUST BABBLE LIKE A FISH!

"They're my friends you bastard!"

"Ah! Don't kill me! I was joking. They're cool bitches. Calm down, calm down." Oh. Ohhh. Ohhh.

Durh, of course.

"Yeah, but they told me. So, are you going to collage too?"

"No! The reason I graduated early was so that I could have a year off before collage and still get there by the time I'm 18. Also, collages love the whole, I graduated a year early thing."

"So, it's just going to be Chris who's heading off." It wasn't a question, and Seb knows that.

God Chris. He's so annoying right now. But, this conversation with Seb helped.

"Hey Seb?"


"I think that you're right." Why are you rolling your eyes?!

"Well, duh I'm right! I'm always right! Sheesh!"

"Aha- go and die."

"Gasp! You hurt me Kayleen!"

"Yes, and…?" Gah! Don't raspberry at me Mister! I like that word, Mister.

"Neh. Anyway, what was I right about?"

"I think…I think that I got into this relationship with Christopher too fast. I think, that I need some time away from the dating. At least until I can sort everything else out."

"That sounds like a good idea."

"Yeah, I think it is." And he's still smiling at me. And it's not even fake. And, he likes me too. I would have thought- no I did think, that he was trying to break me up to get me for himself.

Could it be, that he actually cares about me? And my feelings?

I think he does, especially if that hug and those words that he whispered to me before he left meant anything.

The way that he said, "Be good to yourself, okay? We all even care about you, even Chris. Especially Chris. If you want to talk, or if you need help, with anything, just call okay?"

Okay. Of course. And I know, I know that you were talking about- my dad. And thank you Seb.

I've only known you for three days, and I feel like you're my best friend. You've just been so cool to me.

Thank you.

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