Whisper by writerforever

Dedicated to Elli, my horse. Weird poemI know but animals can heal us in ways that's very surprising.

Lost and afraid

I felt alone

Felt like no one was there

So I came to you

Wrapping my arms around your neck

I cried

And you heard me

You felt my pain

Reaching out you comforted me

When no one was there

When others have turned me away

You are there

Now we have become one

This strange bond between us keeps growing

I hear your inner voice

You feel my inner pain

I hear your deepest needs

You feel my deepest desperations

Whisper in my ear

Please let me know that you can hear

Let me know that you hear me

Let me know that you feel me

Let me know that what everyone says is wrong

About how they say what we share doesn't exist

They say I'm just dreaming

Please whisper to me

For soon you will be taken from me

Our long hours spent together will be no more

No more basking in each others' comfort

All that we have shared

Will turn into a whisper

It will seem as if it was all just a dream

It will be a whisper on the wind

A whisper…