Attonia Baldworth (Princess of the Dead)

By: Elizabeth Martin

I used to be a regular kid until I came to the age of thirteen. That's when I started to hang out with people who practiced Black Magic. I made my mother mad everyday of her miserable life until she just gave up.

I would break curfew every night or sometimes I wouldn't just come home at all. My mother's food was disgusting, so I went to the same 7/11 stores and stole a sandwich. One time I got caught but my friend, Jessica, looked like she was old enough to be my mother and bailed me out.

Then I remember I was so angry with Jessica for letting me get jumped, that I cracked my knuckles like I was going to hit her, but instead like a coward I took the box cutter from my back pocket and stabbed her in her neck. I didn't want to do it. But seeing that smirk on her face fade slowly off her and her dying slowly eased my pain.

I became addicted to killing. I got a tattoo on my lower back saying, " Revenge is such a blank." I then started robbing banks. I didn't want the money, I just wanted the lives.

For some strange reasons, I never got caught. It was like I wanted to get caught. I robbed the bank without a mask. I then got a gang together called " Skull Heads." It was the scariest gang.

We always wore black…except for Sundays. On Sundays we wore orange and black. We were a devious gang. We would steal from the offering bucket and sometimes we would rob young kids.

I was a criminal for years. It was fun! The betrayal, the killing, and the backstabbing. Damn I felt powerful. Until I finally got caught. Now I'm in jail, cleaning the floors with toothbrushes, washing clothes, and writing this pathetic biography. Sigh