Crazy Woman

By: Elizabeth Martin

There I am…sitting in the head chair watching my husband, Brandon, eat his dinner from across the long wooden table. Well…he's actually playing in his food. I fixed his favorite, chicken and macaroni. Just one bite…just one bite.

" How was your day?" he asked and looked up at my anxious face. I run my hand through my gold and black locks and say," Oh it was all right. My secretary kept on coming in my office and giving me stacks of papers and you know…contracts. I told her over a million times that I want her to send me all that through e-mail but she continues to tell me that she can't," I told him.

" Hmm. Honey…I'm not really hungry and Charlotte bought me something to eat," he murmured. " That bitch. She always did something for my husband before I could. She always got to him first. When we were back in high school she dated him first before I could even answer him back.

I force a smile on my face and say, " O Sweetie just try it. It's really good. One bite. Try the wine too." I sounded like a housewife and that's what made him look at me like I was crazy.

" W-well I guess," he said picking up a chicken leg and biting into it. He chewed slowly and as he chewed I lifted my head up and opening my mouth like I was about to say something.

But he paid me no attention. He just stared at the cup of wine and as he swallowed he opened his eyes wide. He snatched the cup of wine and drank it down. " What the Hell did you put in that Tonya?" he complained. I smirked and lowered my head.

" Only the most expensive poison you could get from Mother Poison," I said. His vision became blurry. I could see it in his eyes. Foam came from his mouth and his body shuddered. " I poisoned the wine too," I said and smirked.

I slowly stood as up as I as watched him fall down on the wooden floor with a loud thud. I walk over to him slowly, letting my high heels make loud sounds. The high heels you would hear when you heard your mother coming to check on you when you're really with your boyfriend.

Seeing him twitch and move around made me want to laugh. I crouched down by him and flipped my locks just like how those gangsters do it on the corner. I laughed wickedly and said, " Charlotte got a new job! Charlotte fed the hungry! Charlotte can walk on water! Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte!" I mocked his voice.

He tried to say something but only more foam came out of his mouth. " Damn…I need a cigarette," I said and checked his pockets. She found a small box. One of those boxes that rings are carried in.

I opened it and saw a shining diamond ring. A tear fell from my eyes. " Baby?" I said and looked at him. He was still alive and still struggling to stay alive. A note fell from it. I picked it up and it said, " Charlotte marry me!"

Rage overcame me. " You were going to leave me for some white bitch!" I pulled out a cigarette and lit it nervously with rage. As I exhaled the smoke in his now ugly face I yelled, " The bitch is dead! Now you will be too!"