AN: I didn't do any editing, so please don't comment on any awkward lines. This comes straight from the heart, and it's oftentimes hard to put those kinds of poems together nicely. Dedicated to my baby kitty. I love you, angel.

Here One Day, Gone the Next

One day you came to me
And my worries disappear
But now your time on Earth is done
It seems like you were never here

Everything is empty now
I feel hollow and alone
Because you're buried in the yard
And covered up with stone

Up by where you head lay
I fashioned a wooden cross
But when my time here is up
All your memory will be lost

Not a soul will notice you
Their feelings will be nil
Because not one will remember
The calico I named Phil

Your time with me was short
Too short I guess it seems
And I can only hope you know
How much to me you mean

The yarn I cut just for you
And waking in my bed
To see the pretty baby girl
Now just memories in my head

Two years is not long
For a creature to have life
Yours was done before it began
And mine is filled with strife

How you passed away from us
Will forever be a mystery
But know that I always love you
Despite my seeming misery

Do you know how you were loved?
Do you know how much you're missed?
Do you know how much it hurt me
The last time your head I kissed?

I'm filled with sorrow at the thought
Of losing you so fast
For you were lying in my arms
When your heart beat it's last

In loving Memory of Phil, August 29, 2003 – October 19, 2005. Rest in Peace, baby girl. You will be missed.