There he was, standing there. His figure so lean, his hair so perfect, his eyes so bright. What more could I want from him? It was him that had become my obsession. Every movement he made seemed to grace the world.

But that was only in my eyes.

To all the others, he was another troubled child. He was a druggie, he was a rebel, and he never cared. He never cared about anyone or their thoughts. It was about himself and his friends.

Simple, almost everyone in the school hated him. It wasn't unlikely for him to pull of a Columbine stint. From what we all knew about, he was bipolar and borderline. But I didn't care. To me, he was one of the most beautiful people ever.

I knew all the others thought him to be as well. They were only too scared to admit it. If he ever found out anyone thought so, his reactions were impossible to predict. No one wanted to find out.

His dark hair was tousled slightly from the breeze, flowing gently into his eyes. His hand shot up gracefully, swiping it away from his vision. Steely gray eyes were the most visible upon his face, shining so brightly, yet so blank. They held nothing, just like his emotions.

One can't be curious and not wonder what goes on in his mind. He had feelings; it's just a matter of whether we'd be capable of getting through to them.

His eyes began wandering, closer and closer to mine as if he knew someone was watching him. I wanted to turn away fast, but it was as if my eyes were connected to his. I had to watch his every move, it was like an addiction.

His eyes finally locked onto mine, not moving an inch. His stare was cold and full with hatred. He didn't flinch, but I knew what he wanted. I turned away from him, focusing my attention back on my friends.

Kathy Jordan, my best friend of twelve years, followed my previous glance to the boy who was still haunting my mind. Sighing, she slowly turned back to the group. Let him go... her eyes seemed to plead. But I knew I couldn't.

Shannon Thompson looked at us oddly, but let it go anyway. I knew of her obsession with him as well, and she knew of mine. Yet neither of us wanted to admit it to the other party. As obvious as it all seemed, we did not want the reputation of being infatuated with him.

It was him that was ruining my life. He was ruining everything for every girl in Hopkins Hill High School. He who had the hearts of every girl, he who had the hatred of every guy, he who was known as Jarek Cadence.

I jumped down out of my Dodge pick-up into the pouring rain. The rain pelted down relentlessly upon my shivering self as I ran as fast as I could into the safety of my house. As I fumbled for my key in the rain, the door swung upon, revealing my little brother Victor.

I ran inside, pushing him aside and slammed the door behind me.

"What's up your ass..." Victor muttered and stalked back into the living room, no doubt to start playing with that stupid X-Box of his. I swear, he's obsessed with that thing.

I flung off my wet jacket onto the coat hanger and tossed my book bag in the other direction.

Walking up the stairs, I heard the laughter of my brother. "I wouldn't go up there if I were you." he finally called out, after seconds of me listening to his maniacal chuckles.

"And why wouldn't I?" I asked, pausing in the middle of the stairs.

"Have it your way." he called back. "But don't come running back down here looking for a meat cleaver."

I merely shook my head and continued up. Stupid freshman, he had no idea what he was talking about. I finally reached my room and pushed open the door, flicking on the lights. However, the usually vacant room was now occupied by one soul.

My first instinct was to scream, but for some reason, I couldn't. He stood up and shut the door behind me. "Why-are-you-here..." I asked as calmly as I possibly could. He only shrugged and went back to his position on my bed.

"Felt like it." I was shocked to hear his voice. After the fifth year of being in the same school as him, this was actually the first time I had heard him speak. I never was in any of his classes until this year, but I always saw him around.

"Okay, fine."

"Why were you staring this afternoon at me?"

Damn it, I should've known. Why else would Jarek Cadence come to my house if not to clear things up?

"I felt like it. Is there something wrong with that?"

"Yes there is." he said, slowly getting up from his spot. "If anyone had seen that, you know what would happen?"

I knew. He knew. My reputation would be ruined, and he'd just get another burden upon his back. I knew he wanted no relationship, and he wanted to die single and lonely. That was just the way his mind worked.

"Do you?" he repeated slowly again. I nodded mutely, his eyes drilling holes into mine. "Good." he said as he continuously got closer to me until I was backed up against the door. "Looks like we have an agreement." he whispered, placing his hand on the door. "Never let me catch you doing that again."

The second those words were said, he disappeared. In a blink of an eye, he was out my room, down the stairs and out of the house.

Why was he like this? Why did he not allow anyone to look as they pleased? But the part I hated the most? It was the fact amidst all the threats he had just thrown at me, I began to like him more.

My heart was working separately from my mind. Why... why did it have to be him? Why Jarek? I knew he would bring nothing but torture to my life, so why did I constantly feel drawn to him?

He's my addiction. That's all I can say. I'd die without him, it's as simple as that.

Author's Note:

So, this is the new and improved version of chapter one. Okay, so maybe not new and improved. I fixed up a few details which seemed to conflict greatly with future chapters. I also edited out a bunch of typos I just discovered. Oh, and italics? Due to popular demand and for my own beliefs, they've been removed. Permanently. :)