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Collar Me Café

Chapter Six

-Tell a little Tale-

Things hadn't gone too well this afternoon for Travis. After hearing those words from Caleb who people called 'The Coin-Operated Boy', he couldn't get himself back in a working mood. He would stumble and drop his tray every time someone smiled at him. Especially the men that were hanging around, they smiled at him while licking their lips, whispering to one another of 'having the pussy on the menu'. He was more than relieved with Derek told him to take a break.

He headed straight for the backroom and slammed the door behind him. "Thank God that's over…" he said to himself. Well, he thought he did until sight of his roommate said otherwise. "Hey Lamb, er, Pez…"

Pez waved, smiling as he kicked his legs from his spot on top of a table while popping colored candies. "Zdravstvuite (hello)." he replied. Looking down at his hand, he held up the Pez dispenser. "Want one?"

"Thanks," Travis said and received a handful of colored candy. "I was wondering…do you know about the whole…well…"

"System?" Lamb asked. "The menu's and stuff, that's what you want to know right?" He hooked the now empty keychain back on his shorts, outstretching long, pale legs. "It's really easy…didn't Caleb show you last night?"

"Well…" Travis started. Caleb tried to but it wasn't making any sense, and Caleb being…Caleb, didn't like to repeat himself and would begin to mutter about useless kids and slam everything down. And during that time, they were suddenly hit with a rush of customers so Caleb said it'd be postponed. "Not really. Stuff happened and well…do you think you can tell me? I know it's a lot to ask and I know that you're going to be working but-"

Lamb was suddenly up in Travis' face; his pale finger pressed to the others lips. "Don't fret. I'll tell you everything." He pulled back the semi-gloved hand and took hold of Travis'. "Come on, sit down and I'll explain.

Travis turned a bit red from the sudden intensity Lamb produced. He nodded when Lamb took his hand and followed him regardless. He was lead out through the back door to a secluded area for workers; the same one Caleb has introduced him to last night. Not really looking at it before, he noticed it looked a bit like the front, outside. There were two tables set up with chairs and the umbrella covers. One of the tables had a ashtray and still burning cigarette with lipstick on it. They took the other table.

"Okay…" Lamb placed his hands on top of the table. "Where do we start..." Lamb seemed to be deep in thought. After a moment it seemed like a light bulb had turned on over his head. "The menus!" he said abruptly.

Travis almost fell from his seat due to the sudden burst of enthusiasm. "O-okay…" he agreed, composing himself.

"Well you see…all the Pets get on the menu." He kicked his slender legs up onto the table. "You're getting added as we speak. You see, there are shall we call them? Well, for the first course you'll find all the Pets. That's where the bronze card comes into play."

"About those cards..." Travis started.

"The cards symbolize rank, for the customers. You see if you have a bronze card, you can get any of the Pets for a minimum amount of hours. But you can only take them out and keep them around your house-you can't sleep with them. If you have a silver card you're allowed to have anyone that is shown in the 'second course', with that you're allowed to dress them up a little, look at them nude but you can't touch still."


That was the one word Travis didn't like.

"So the gold card…" he began to ask.

"The gold card is given to certain Clients. It allows you to have any of the Pets that are also shown in the third course. You can do whatever you like with them and you're allowed to keep them for twenty-four hours." He had found another package of Pez tucked away in his shorts and began the ritual of popping pills once more. "Easy huh?"

It was now. It made sense too. Caleb was making everything seem so complicated the other night. He got it though. The cards give you access to the Pets, all the Pets are in the first course (that being all ages) but if you didn't have even a bronze card you didn't get to know of the Special Menu, the second course would allow access to Pets at least the age of thirteen which was only accessible if you had a silver card, but if you had the gold card you could get any of the Pets though the only ones that were able to be used for 'pleasure' had to be at least the age of fifteen.

"I'm gonna be promoted soon!" Lamb told him happily. "I'll be on all the courses! Do you know how much money I'm going to be making off that?" Lamb smiled. "Then I'm gonna get out of here. Sure it's gonna suck for awhile but only four more years of this, and Master is really nice. He never lets anything happen to us!"

"So…Derek is in on all of this?" Travis asked astonished. "He knows what's been going on and he…this whole thing…"

Lamb blinked. "He's our Master, of course he knows. You see, new Pets are picked up everyday and then they're sold to a Master or Mistress. They're the ones who provide for us and look out for our well-being while we keep the store running. Not all of them are nice like Derek and Libby…some are really mean. My old Master was but Derek saved me and my old Master hasn't touched me since."

"This is illegal though, Lamb!" Travis couldn't believe how blunt this boy was to that fact. "This is a prostitution ring! They use their workers for sex and make profits!"

Lamb stared at him before nodding. "I know."

"Then why are you agreeing to all of this?"

"What else can I do?" Lamb asked quietly. "I'm not in this country legally. If I don't have them to look out for me, I'll get shipped back to Russia and between you and me, four years of a little unwanted attention is better than that." He brushed an angelic lock away from his face. "What about you Amber? You were picked off the streets when they found you right? You're a thief and a on the run criminal according to some states."

Travis froze. "H-how do you know?"

"Everyone does. All the workers here have done something that has put them at odds with the law." He stood up and dusted himself off. "They protect us here, they don't let anyone know our histories and the customers who buy us don't care as long as they get what they want. That's why we treat them so specially. They're people who do know…and if it wasn't for Master, I'd be back in Russia where I'd be getting used and not making any profit. At least here I'll make money and be able to live!"

Travis noticed how upset Lamb became. He hadn't meant to upset him but he'd never looked at it like that before. Lamb was right in that sense. If he hadn't been bought by that guy, and if he hadn't gotten transferred to Derek's house, he might still be on the street. He might be in jail for being a suspect and for murdering Collin. He might…

"I'm sorry Lamb…" Travis whispered. "I didn't know. You're right. This is better…if it wasn't for Derek I don't know where I'd be right now." He walked over and hugged the other boy. "I'm sorry…"

Lamb was still. "It's okay…I've been here for awhile now is all. At first I was like you, and I didn't like it, but they've been so good to me here. This is my home and I know that I can always been of use-until I'm eighteen at least!" He wiped his eyes and grinned. "But you get it now right? I mean…the whole menu. And you're okay with it?"

What choice did he have? These people have saved his life. He would have to do anything and everything to make up for it. And it's not like Derek would let anyone hurt him. So what if he was to be seen naked and touched a bit? Not something he wasn't used too. And he had to be at least sixteen for sex….that was at least a little comforting.

"Of course." He smiled. "So…only when I get a card I give out the other menu right?" he asked.

"Right," Lamb told him. "And that's that! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride."

And what a ride that would be…

-Tell a little Tale-

Maxwell: Okay, that chapter has turned out to be the second worst in the history of this story! Yes, this one was short and sucked and I again, apologize... But I hope it made sense. To get a Pet you need a card, depending on the card's color depends on what Pet's you have access to and what you can do with them. It's simple. I was planning on making a chapter to explain it from the start and here it is. Any more questions, just e-mail and I will once more tell you…. And I apologize for Lamb's behavior…I always imagined him to be a bit bipolar in this odd sense….but whatever. Next chapter will improve!