Chapter 19

At the break of dawn Amy sat up and began to fold her blankets and put them into her bag, Nooney already up noticed Amy and sat watched her as she packed her things, ''did read?" she asked crawling up to Amy's feet.

Amy jumped out of shock and turned to Nooney and smiled nodding, ''yeah" she finished putting her equipment in the back of the wagon. ''You should probley get your things packed" she said as she sat on the back of the wagon

Nooney smiled and threw her blanket in the wagon with a silly smile, ''done!" she said as she did a small pose. Amy smiled and laughed, ''that's right you share with Suki don't you?". Nooney nodded her head quickly and looked to Suki, ''sleepy" she giggled to herself.

After a few hours of passed it was early noon Amy already prepared a breakfast for everybody and fed Nooney hers already. Nooney finished her breakfast in no time and fed the horses. ''Nooney can you help me?" Amy called out looking for where she was.

Nooney snuck up behind Amy and hugged her tail causing her to jump once more, Nooney giggled and smiled in success of scaring Amy looked up to her, ''what need?"

Amy pointed to the people who were asleep, ''wake them up" Nooney jumped in excitement and smiled brightly, ''yes!" she crawled up to Saberwulf being as quiet as she could and gently began to tickle his big toe and whispered, ''tickly tickle mr wulfy!" she giggled to herself.

Amy giggled as she watched Nooney's attempt to wake Saberwulf and finished setting the plates up putting out the proportions out evenly.

Saberwulf wiggled his toe abit causing Nooney to jump back and stare for a moment before leaping onto him shaking him around 'til his eyes shot open, Nooney smiled and waved ' 'morning time mr wulf!" she giggled and points to the plates with breakfast. Saberwulf nodded and sat down by his meal as Nooney carried on waking up the others.

Hours have passed since breakfast, everyone's bags and equipment were packed with care as Amy picked up the relic and sat down preparing everything to be done.

''Hey man where do you think were gonna go this time?" Sky said as he walked to Jeff

Jeff had his arms around Suki holding her close letting her sleep abit longer, ''I'm not sure.." he said when turning his head to look at Sky.

Nooney crawled up to Suki and smiled seeing her asleep and layed in her lap closing her eyes trying to catch a nap.

''I have a bad feeling about this next jump" Caine said as he was adjusting the straps on his boots. ''What do you mean?" Sky said looking over to him. ''I mean something bad is gonna happen I'm sure of it" Caine replied as he looked at Sky.

''Your just being paranoid Caine we'll be fine" Jeff said with a grin

''He's right Jeff.. I got a bad feeling about the next world jump too, my feelings never turned me wrong before and I can tell something bad is going to be happening in the next world." Ben said looking to the two

Jeff sighed and looked at them, ''guys!" he looked at Nooney and Suki who were sleeping silently, ''we'll talk later I don't want them to wake up hearing how you guys think something bad is going to be happening alright!?" snapped at them.

Sky nodded his head and looked at Caine and Ben, ''we should probley see if anybody needs help with anything.." Caine and Ben looked at Jeff for a moment and headed to the wagon seeing if anything needed adjustment or repairs before the next world jump.

After an hour or so the party was ready to begin the next world jump. Amy sat with the stone in front of her and everybody else sat around her, Amy began to read the prayers off of the stone. A bright light emitted from the stone and shone brightly its light covering the party and soon after they were placed into the next world.

Suki and Nooney stood above Jeff he was laying on the ground in an uncomfortable position ''is he okay?" Nooney asked looking up at Suki. She smiled and stroked her head nodding, ''I'm sure he's fine he's probley just resting, god knows he needed it he hasn't been sleeping well lately"

Nooney nodded and looked around the world, ''explore?" Suki shook her head, ''no not right now we'll explore when he's awake" Nooney made a whimper sound and layed down beside Jeff, ''wakey wakey sun in sky" she whispered to him in attempt to wake him.

''Oh Nooney" Suki giggled slightly and sat down beside her, ''I've tried everything I could to wake him but nothing worked we'll have to wait till he wakes up on his own" Nooney nodded and layed over him pulling his tail over herself like a blanket.

''Nap till then" Nooney said closing her eyes. Suki smiled and pushed her hair back and layed down with the two.

''SABERWULF RUN I GOT THIS COVERED" Caine shouted as he summoned the dead, swords clashed as the dead fought monsters off. Saberwulf ran ahead pushing his way through hordes of monsters swinging his weapons madly desperately trying to escape from their grasp.

One by one monsters fell to the ground as Saberwulf swung his weapons with massive amounts of force growling and shouting in anger as he get further the hordes of beasts grew until one of them managed to finally render him unconscious.

''So this is how it ends?" Caine sighed falling onto a knee holding himself up with his sword. Beasts came running at him their war cries echoed the caverns, as they grew closer. ''I might as well go down putting up a fight" he smirked to himself rising to his feet.

Caine charged to the beasts beheading many shouting as loud as he could at the top of his lungs chants raising the dead under his control. As he spun facing a monster an arrow pierced into his leg causing him to fall down to the ground, ''is this where it ends?…"

The Monster smiled mischievously at Caine and lifted him by the throat and squeezed causing him to gasp for air. Caine dangled in the air trying to break free of the grip of his foe his sword on the ground below there was nothing he could do his body was to weak to fight on, after a moment of closing his eyes he awoke to the sight of his dead family with their arms opened to him, ''I'm home he whispered to himself.."