Chapter: 2

The sound of a old door slowly creaking open clouds of dust floated in the air as Jeff stepped in looking around seeing destroyed tables, broken benches,cracked and shattered windows were all that could be seen as he walked in, ''its all clear" he shouted calling Sky in, as he walked in a voice from a distance somewere inside of the church echoed through the halls of the empty church

''this place was once beautiful until the guards came and took them away.."

''who said that!" Sky shouted drawing both of his blades stancing himself observing the backgrounds,

''I it used to be the benches lined row by row, the beautiful designs on the stain glass, how much life this church would have..I remmber it all as only though if it were yesterday.." the voice said appearing to get closer as it did the benches started to move back to their original form, the windows peicing themself back together, the dust faded away into nothing, the floor appearing as if it were just freshly scrubbed, ''beautiful..isnt it?" the voice said as he reavealed himself the sounds of iron being dragged across the floor as he stepped out with a gentle face, his white eyes carrying a deep pain of sorrow.

''Who are you?" Jeff asked looking at the man still partly hidden in the shadows,

''My name is Saberwulf..but I do not need to know your names its useless learning the name of a deadman" he said his voice rising as he swung his warhammer breaking the alter beside him ''finally I can have my revenge on those who've destroyed this sanctuary.." he said stepping out of the shadows the image of the revived church going back its destroyed shape.

''Whoa hold on we dont want any trouble were just here to leave this world" Sky said gripping the hilts of his blades,

''then you shall leave this world..proceed to heaven" Saber said stepping closer a tail waving side to side his hands appearing to be claws, ''prepare yourself!" he shouted as he lowered his right shoulder charging to the two his speed seemed so imesnse that it wasinhuman.

''HANG ON, WAIT WE DO WANT ANY TROUBLE!" Jeff shouted diving out of the way of the charge, ''we didn't destroy this place! the guards did!" he shouted quickly dodging the swings of Saberwulf's war hammer, falling on his back looking up at Saberwulf's war hammer comming down to him suddenly came to a hault as Sky's blades caught it,

''goddamit you got to believe us we didn't destroy this place we used to come here until the guards came and destroyed it!"he said pushing the warhammer back causing Saberwulf to stumble back as he stumbled back he pulled out a bastard sword and swung both of his weapons of destruction

''your lies will bring you no were but hell" he growled. As Jeff rose to his feet he unsheathed his blade and looked over to Sky nodding gripping the hilt

''we did not wish to fight you but it appears we have no choice but to do so.." Jeff sighed, ''I'm so not in the mood to do this" he muttered under his breath but just as they charged at each other a wall caved in and collapsed to the ground as the stump of a tree crashed into it,

''THERE THEY ARE ATTACK" a guards voice shouted

''oh damn not these guys i thought we lost them!" Sky shouted facing them,

''you destroyed the house of god! prepare to wrath of my hammer and blade" Saberwulf shouted as he charged to the guards swinging his blade into the gut of one of the guards as the blade punged deep he leaned forward opening his mouth wide aswell of his eyes gazing up at the face of his killer Saberwulf grinned smiling at him deviously and swung his hammer into the guards face sending him flying back,

''ITS HIM ITS THAT DEMON!" a guard shouted ''QUICKLY BROTHERS RETREAT" he yelled out loud enough for the other guards to hear him, quickly hearing him and looking to Saberwulf all the guards began to fall out and obey their leaders order not wanting to loose their life. After all guards had fled Saberwulf looked over to Jeff and Sky and bowed his head

''I'm sorry I did not believe you" Saberwulf sighed,

''hey its ok..hey were gonna leave this world why dont you join us?" Jeff said stepping to him patting his shoulder,

''why would you want me to join you if you are leaving this world? I nearly killed you, if it wasnt for your friend you would of been dead" Saberwulf said looking at him,

''Everybody deserves a second chance" Sky said putting his blades away. Looking up to the roof of the church Saberwulf said looking to Sky then to Jeff

''very well I shall leave this world and join you but what awaits us in the next?" Saberwulf asked leaning on his hammer

''we dont know yet we never left this world or traveled to another" Sky said opening his bag pulling out diamonds and a bangle putting them into empty slots on it,

''what are those for?" Saberwulf said looking at the diamonds and bangle, ''this is whats getting out of this world" Sky responded with a smile finishing putting all diamonds inside the slots of the bangle. After a short while Sky set the bangle on floor and stood infront of it as he did Jeff and Saberwulf stood beside him making a small circle, As Saberwulf looked at them and began to say a chanting prayer Jeff and Sky repeating after him..

Ark Angel
Dark Angel
Lend us thy light
Through deaths fail
Until we have heaven in sight

Saberwulf said lowering his head once finished Jeff and Sky doing the same and slowly closed their eyes Sky starting to chant a spell ''devil's angel's all of thy souls, masters of time, lord the night, guide our souls into flight" suddenly the bangle started glowing and as it glowed the church began to tremble as the chanting of the spell began to grow louder and louder until a light surrounded the three slowly they joined hands and their bodies began to fade away into nothing as Sky continued to chant the spell until they disappeared no longer in the church the bangle shatterd the diamonds no were in sight nor the 3 men.