I felt like i should share this with you. My friend and i were poem-ing each other back and forth...and i thought it was pretty nifty... so, i will specify who wrote what, but it was me and my friend Brian. you can read more of his work o s. c o m




so fucking gross

and disgusting.

i'm not discussing any of this.

i hate to write.

i do not wish.

No don't love me.

i'm disgusting you see?


living alone

and disgusting.

i'm not discussing.

i do not bitch.

i hate to dream.

i do not sleep.

you don't love me.

i'm not somthing to keep.


climbing a rock

and from the top.

i'm not discussing the distance i'll drop.

if i don't die,

would you still try,

again, to be a friend to me a friend?