Dance of the Day; a three part poem.

Part One; Moonlit Dance;

The ray of moon burn through my body,

I twist and twirl according to their downbeat,

The moon spotlight on me,

Making my body glow in all the darkness,

My audiences, with the twinkling eyes, cheer me on,

But one by one,

The audience disappears,

It's getting late.

My spotlight dims,

An orange and yellow spotlight enters

That is my cue to leave the stage,

Say good bye to the night.

Part Two; Sunlit Dance;

The warm throws my body into a tango,

The endless blue envelops me in a beautiful dress,

My audience is each ray of gold,

My pale sister awaits her cue,

But I shine long,

My body is warm,

Beads of sweat trickle down my face,

But my body glows,

I spot my sister nodding along to the beat,

She comes within the circle of the stage,

My pale sister enters.

Part Three; They Trade In an Evening Ballad;

Our hands meet,

We spin into a twirl,

Her pale face begins to light up,

She is beautiful.

My sunlit sister smiles her warmth at me,

We both glow as we're about to trade places,

Her evening orange and my midnight blue mix in a perfect blend,

We begin to trade.

The sisters slowly dance,

First their ankles pass,

Then their elbows,

Upper arms,



They kiss each other good luck as they pass,

Sunlight soars slowly down the stage,

And moonlight begins her fast beat,

Once again.