there were times you said, you said you'd never want to grow apart from me
only because I felt I had to apologize for meaning nothing to you
can't find the burden I dropped on the ground after listening for hours
to the whisper of the beach because I had nothing better to do
said I only needed something sharp with which to free myself

so lost were my thoughts
I thought I had only to get over you before I could strive to meet my life
I was so shocked when the ground gave away
the earth split open to reveal a charred black ocean
where all the life was split in half
where fullness left the water

who I was then and who I am now
the same person,why didn't I know it?
I upset the greater good you set aside for yourself
and you didn't have to apologize, you didn't have to be sorry
for meaning everything to me
no matter the crimson eternity you don't believe in
you said nothing lasts forever
you begged to differ and I met you at a thousand lies
drinking champagne from an empty glass that poured only frozen air into our open mouths

You stared me dry
I was feigning illness and believing my own disillusions
spoke through a distorted image
screaming mute its listless temper
contrary to these stubborn clich├ęs
I contradicted my reputation, leaving you all gasping on the floor like drowning fish
no bloodier in the long run

so who did I decide I was?
I've taken time in answering this faithful question
I've been pondering for pondering's sake and said there's nothing more to give
where nothing's better than drinking empty
I've treaded and held still the disquieting accounts of airless skies
much to the horror of political eyes
there were times you claimed we'd never fall apart
so here I am exciting the physics of the neutral world we've created with our oppositions
and you don't want me to apologize for anything

A/N: Although I haven't the faintest idea how this would be sung or what genre it would fall under, this feels like a song to me, so I labeled it such. Also, when I first wrote it, it felt different from other things I'd written, but looking back on it...it doesn't seem that different. Also, if there are any typos in this, it's fictionpress's falt. No, seriously. I check my work meticulously for typos before uploading (except in the case of a few timeswhen I was too lazy to do so -cough-), and fictionpress always seems to screw it up. 'Tain't my fault.
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