Chapter 11 Present "Wow. So you survived, but lost a dear friend." Drake said, in a monotone voice.
"Yes. We actually had an edge on the Orancics. We had several missile bases underground, and they couldn't penetrate our force fields surrounding our cities. After losing so many shuttles and ships from our hidden bases, they gave up and went to find another planet. Like yours. So I have an offer. I will send 10,000 Tonberry mercenaries, fully armed with ships to aid you. I will offer it to you for $200 per soldier in your dollars. These solders stay with you until they die, or you manage to fend off the Orancics. You may come here with your decision at your leisure. You are more than welcome to stay and tour as long as you like. We have a very good communications centre if you need to contact your superiors. Just ask me, and I'll escort you there. If you need to contact me, my holo-phone number is 27. You are dismissed." he said.
"Thank you, sir. We will think about your offer." Drake said. They left his room, and Grodis went back to his window."So, what do you think of this? 10,000 solders is an excellent number, but they're asking for quite a bit of cash." Drake said, as they got on their hoverboards outside of Grodis's room. Ellone turned to him.
"That's a great offer considering the shortage of soldiers we have. We should contact the base before making the purchase, but I say go for it." she said. They silently flew to the ground level of the city, landing by a tree with huge violet branches that looked like steel wool. They started following one of the several paths at ground level.
"So, let's take up their offer in staying here for a while. I wanna learn about this place. It's beautiful." Ellone said. They flew over to a stream with a large, 10 foot waterfall. "Let's stop here. I wanna sit down." Siris said.
They found a sunny patch of grass, and sat down. "Elle, did we bring any food in with us?" Drake asked.
She looked at him, and said, "Crap! I forgot! All of the food is back on the ship!"
"Great job, Ellone! The food's all on the ship! What do we do now?" Drake said, red with anger.
"Uh, we could always try the Tonberry's food." Siris said.
Drake sighed. "Ok, fine. But we'll probably end up going back to the ship for food and getting stuck there." Drake said, still annoyed. So they got on their hoverboards and headed to the bazaars.