Bloody Fires

Masses gather by the pyres,

By the cliff the lava flowing,

Corpses burn in blood red fires,

From the sky the sharp wind blowing,

Doomed shall walk to iron valleys,

Where they meet their dim cessations,

From the valley demons rally,

They control the mutilations,

They watch the pain and grave insanity,

They laugh and murmur with their vanity,

They cast their shadows over burning trees,

They send them screaming to their burning knees,

From the sky the metiors fall,

To the place for evil sinners,

Burning down the blood imbued wall,

Masses eating rotting dinners,

Slaying demons with silver knives,

Spread their heaps upon the pyre,

Insurrecting saving their lives,

Cast the demons to the fire!

The fires burn upon their steel woven wings,

And demons scream in agonizing screams,

They shall feel that the pain is very real,

As they dissolve in the valley of steel!