The Voices in my Head

I stand aside as life goes by,

As they live their lies,

And all life begins to die,

I stand away as they go away,

As they betray,

But are all kept at bay,

I hear,

With all my dread,

Must hold back,

The voices in my head,

They try to say to watch away,

Until it's time one day,

Upon them to slay,

Deadly trolls, they want control,

Want to fill the hole,

As I'm forced to behold,

As I sink,

Like darkened lead,

And destroyed,

By voices in my head,

I see no light and meet my plight,

And just cannot fight,

My sanity they bite,

I see the hell with tolling bells,

Into the bloody well,

I fell with no one's help,

I vanish,

And can no longer tread,

Because of,

The voices in my head!