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Opening Theme: "Cage" by Dir en Grey


Plain, boring, blank, and white. Or maybe it was off-white.

A chip in the paint, but not too noticeable. If you looked real fast, everything was nice and smooth.

"You've been staring at that ceiling for a long ass time," said a voice. It was deep, intimidating, and bathed with malice, "And I don't think you have much in common."

"Oh. Hey, Yukio," replied another voice. This second voice was pitifully innocent... too innocent. Yukio wasn't going to do anything initially, but he just knew now that if he tried, he could get away with it.

He'd seen this kid before. He'd walked past him his fair share of times, but he was just another nameless face. He wasn't super smart or good looking, so he was no threat to Yukio's dominance. And he wasn't ugly or nerdy, meaning there wasn't any real reason to just pick on him. But by standing in the deserted hallway lined with endless bright blue lockers after school hours he made one critical mistake; he was just too easy.

Yukio ignored the boy's greeting and glanced down quickly at his designer sports watch. Baseball practice was about to start and he had to think of something fast. Being the star player, he could afford to be late, but he figured he shouldn't leave a bad impression on the coaches. After all, they'd be the ones responsible for getting him into college at the end of the year. Fuck teachers, who needed them.

That's it! This one's classic.

Through several seconds of hard thought and awkward silence, he had figured out his plan of action, "You were standing in the middle of the hall right while I was doing my pre-practice jog. I tried to move out of the way and I think a cleat fell off of my shoe. I don't know how I'm going to be able to go to practice now."

The smaller boy's eyes widened in fear. When he realized what was going to happen to him, instinct took over. His brain shot signals to his heart and lungs and they suddenly started working like he was in the final stretch of a marathon. His head tilted down to direct his vision away from Yukio's bloodthirsty glare and toward the black and white checkered floor, "S-sorry, Yukio. I-I lost track of time. I promise I won't do it again."

"Promise?" laughed Yukio. He gave an exaggerated snort of disdain before adding, "I don't even know who you are."

"I'm G-"

"And I couldn't give two fucks less," He said, grinning as he lifted his mammoth knuckles in the air. He clenched his meaty fist tightly with his crushing signature baseball grip before sending it crashing down, stopping abruptly with a dull thud.

As the small boy tried desperately to suck in the air that was forcefully removed from his lungs, he was pounded into the floor by a punishing backhand to the face.

"I'm sorry!" he insisted, drawing every bit of courage in his being in order to raise his voice. The sports hero towered six feet and three inches above his prey, a distance greatly exaggerated by the sitting vs. standing position the two were situated in.

"I am too," said Yukio. But something was terribly wrong with his tone of voice and overall expression. His battered and bruised victim noticed this and frantically scurried backwards, trying to get back on his feet. But it was too late. Yukio had unzipped his backpack and driven a wooden baseball bat into the forehead of the now unconscious stranger, "You'd better not be dead. And you better not snitch because if I lose my scholarship or my reputation, your ass will wish you were."

Bad ass. I sound like a movie guy.

He quickly packed his bags and sprinted down the hall toward the baseball field.

By the time the boy came to, it was dark and well past his curfew. He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain kept him from moving.

"Goddammit," he said aloud. He wasn't afraid of being called crazy by the janitor, the only other person that could possibly still be around, "What am I supposed to tell my parents?"

Replacing his own will power with fear of being reprimanded by his parents, he pushed himself up and hobbled out of the door. His high school was in a rural Japanese town by a thick and unfriendly forest that was best looked at from far away. Thankfully, the way home was through the middle of town.

A loud shriek pierced the air as the boy walked by a store window. The glass reflected everything, and he was unfortunately curious enough to see if any damage was done to his face.

"Oh god," he whined, "How am I supposed to get a date with my face looking like this?" After he couldn't take seeing his face, which sported a massive purple bump on the forehead and a dark purple bruise on one cheek, he turned away and limped toward home, looking up at the sky. It was nighttime now; the moon was the whitest pearl, balmy and soothing, tinged with a bone colored glow. It hung there in the sky staring him in right in the eyes. Suddenly, his contemplative gaze was interrupted he was knocked to the ground.

Not this again

"Genki! I was so worried about you!"

"Get off of me, Kaori!" Barked the boy with messy ear length auburn hair, "Are you fucking blind? Look at me!"

"Oops, sorry." Kaori said lifting a straddled leg off of his midsection, "You scared me Genki! I thought someone kidnapped you or someting! I knew you were in trouble because first off, you're never late coming home from school. Next, my brother's in that gang a bunch of the baseball players are in and he said they were going to initiate that star baseball player guy, Yukio, but he had to do some stuff first. I put two and two together and… well…"

"Sorry," Genki said, without any real emotion.

"Yeah right!" Kaori shouted, accidentally misting Genki's face with spit, " I don't even know what happened, but I can bet you had a run in with a gang member. You could've died and I can tell you don't care."

"I do care," he protested, still lying flat on his back and staring into the sky. The girl that was sitting on top of his bruised stomach was 5'3, fourteen years old, and weighed at least 115 pounds. She had an average build and was generally attractive, but Genki didn't notice. She was definitely going to be in the friend zone forever.

"Care about what?" she asked, softening her tone, but keeping the attitude, "You obviously don't care about your body. And it doesn't seem like you care about my feelings, either."

"What feelings?" he groaned. He wasn't ready for a lecture, "You're acting stupid today. I don't feel good and you're being loud and saying strange stuff."

"You almost died," she responded sternly, "If you could see your face, you'd probably be acting the same way."

"I saw it," said Genki. He let out a sigh of despair as the memory was brought up.

"Look," said the girl, trying desperate to be understood. She changed her tone from whining to serious, "We've known each other forever. We've been through a lot of stuff together. I help you with things, you help me. I really don't know if I'd be able to deal with it if you got killed doing something stupid like messing with gangs. It'd be my fault in a way…"

"No," said Genki, who finally realized that she was serious, "I do care. But sometimes… actually all the time, I just, y'know, wish I was somebody."

Kaori looked at the sky and then looked back at Genki, this time right in his eyes, "You wish? You seriously wish from the bottom of your heart?"

"I… I guess," said Genki, who was still looking up at the sky.

She rose to her feet, switching her attention to the sky as well. As she did so, her mid back length raven black hair blew in the slight breeze that made ripples in the grass nearby. The stars were airbrushed pristinely across the night sky, each in a position that looked random but was perfectly planned and set up over, billions of years. It was mind boggling. The dark sky was so far away and yet so close, Kaori felt like she could reach out with her fingers and touch the, lavender clouds, softly glowing in the moonlight.

We don't have much to lose. Might as well just try it. You better not have been tricking me.

Kaori grabbed Genki's hand tightly sprinted toward a destination only she knew. The injured boy was dragged out of his seated position and forced into a painful sprint into the night. He resisted slightly until something inside told him to just relax and trust her. After a while, though every step hurt his battered body, he was just along for the ride. They ran down a steep hill into the dark misty forest with mushy green moss carpeting the earth and crawling slowly up the trees, devouring them slowly. They crunched over branches, oblivious to their existence and kept their pace. The pair flew down a set of unlit stairs, built by no one in an area no one knew about by a tree that belonged to no one. It was only two friends and the forest. At the bottom of no one's stairs lay the quietly seething ocean. But what was really amazing- what caught the pairs' eye, was the fireflies everywhere, speckling light throughout the darkness. The little l.e.d lights of jubilation were not just yellow or white. They were glowing vibrant shades of every color imaginable like the pot of gold at the end of a neon rainbow. Pulsating streaks and dots of color floated through the sky in all directions.

Genki's mouth unintentionally opened slowly, letting out a small gasp of awe.

"So it is here," Kaori said, eyes roving around her environment, "What is this place?"

"My brother told me to come here at night if I needed to make a wish, but I was afraid to come without you," she confessed.

"Why me?" asked Genki.

"He said you needed to go with someone that you had a connection with. He didn't really explain himself and I didn't really believe him. I just figured you were in bad enough shape that things couldn't really get any worse," she giggled softly before composing herself, "Another reason I brought you is I wanted you to hear my wish. My brother told me it only works if the moon is shining a certain way and you just feel the connection. He said that's the only way you can only see those fireflies."

He bit his lip to keep it from quivering. He felt respected and admired, that was all he asked for from anyone, "C'mon. We take science classes, you know things don't work like that. This isn't a cartoon."

Suddenly, she lost her cool and her eyes started to fill with tears.

"Stop being a little kid about it," he said, trying to sound tough. But he cracked under the pressure of seeing his friend in her current state, "Hey, stop. You're… you're gonna make me cry, too."

"I wish I could be with you forever Genki! We've always been best friends and hung together. I wish you'd never go away like that again! It hurts me so much whenever you do that. If I lost you, then I could never be the same again. Please, please, do-"

Genki embraced his friend, silencing her.

"If I knew it hurt you so much when I left, you know I would never do it," he said, "I'm sorry for everything. Just… just don't cry."

She sniffled a little and said, "Sorry."

"Well, I wish I was someone else so I wouldn't be too stupid to notice that I'm hurting people by doing stupid stuff. I'd need to be able to make miracles to do that."

Kaori hugged him tightly and said, "You have to go in the water to make it come true."

The two released each other and waded into the waist deep water, shoes and clothes on, and held hands. There was plenty of love in the air, but not a drop of romance. The fireflies, which now looked like a slowly twisting, neon rainbow tornado, surrounded them. The glowing insects all began to turn the same colors in synchronized movements, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, every color imaginable. The colored lights gathered to spell out each and every word from both wishes and then scattered off in an explosion of color that shimmered in the darkness as it disappeared.

"Let's go home," Genki said after his experience. He had really just let his guard down and was probably dreaming. In case he wasn't, he decided to save face by saying, "I'm freezing my ass off and I'm tired."

"Yeah, let's," Kaori said back. She stalled a few seconds before adding, "Hey, Genki."


"Don't tell my boyfriend. I don't think he gets it."

Genki smiled. She was back to normal.

The next morning, the unanimously decided most attractive girl in the school, who was affectionately called Amerika-chan for her mixed heritage, walked past Genki.

People walk past people many times a day. It's a very impersonal act that almost no one gives much thought to. But for the most part, you're aware that you're walking past someone when you do so. You acknowledge that whoever you're walking by is a living, breathing human being in a split second and then you forget about them and erase them from your memory completely.

Genki wasn't even worth that split second. He was nothing. She didn't even glance at him or even catch his scent. She didn't even notice he existed. This would have been slightly less painful to Genki if he hadn't have said "Hi" and waved as she was walking by. It was when he was left standing with his palm in mid-wave that something inside of him snapped. He felt different, but he was sure he was just angry.

Stupid bitch.

The rest of the school day continued as normal until Genki headed to the bathroom. When he was done relieving himself, he exited his stall and turned on the faucet. Feeling slightly warm and irritable, he dipped his two hands in the cold water and splashed it on his face to calm himself down. He felt around for a paper towel and wiped his face dry. As his vision returned after having water splashed in his eyes, his blurry reflection showed that his hair had changed from mahogany brown to a light chestnut color.

Huh? It's probably the water in my eyes.

After school, Genki caught himself loitering in the hall again. This time, it was on purpose. Something in his head made him brazenly defy social order and common sense and head to the spot where he was given the bruises he had been wearing around all day.

Sure enough, Yukio walked past Genki on the way to baseball practice. Without so much as an insult or a threat, he delivered a quick jab to Genki's stomach. Though it was just a light jab, the difference in their size strength meant that Genki was lifted into the air by the blow, which coincidentally landed in the same exact spot as the punch from yesterday.

"I'm not done. You haven't learned your lesson," he jeered.

I'm gonna be a Black Tiger for sure if they find him tomorrow. Then everyone will know who's in charge.

He picked the boy up by his shirt one arm and easily tossed him into the nearest open locker. And when the first attempt at closing the door was hindered, he booted the offending limbs into the locker and slammed the door shut leaving Genki moaning in agony.

He stood back and admired his work before casually slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder and walking off toward the baseball field; but he was stopped in mid stride when he heard a voice coming from behind him.

"Hey, bro," said the masculine voice, "Genki tells me that you wanted some real bad. I think he just met someone who can give it to you. I hope you believe in miracles."

Ending Theme: "I lose Control" By L'arc-en-ciel

On the next episode of Miracle Makers!

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Find out on the next episode of Miracle Makers!

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