Veiled Truths

By Kell Hound

Part One: New Road

Chapter One: Dissolving Illusions

Night of June's Full Moon Just Before Sun Rise

Brad Wolfe feels a sharp pain run through his shoulder as he hits a brick all as a voice echoed in his ear.

You've had this dream before, haven't you?

The young man doesn't response. He never did response to the voice in his dream. He isn't even sure if he could. He just sits there watching the vision before his eyes.

Granted it isn't always the same. Some details change. Your clothes and the setting are one. But mostly it is always the same.

The voice never says anything important anyway. Right now it is just stating facts. His clothes and hair appear to be from the late 1800s at the moment. Brad isn't sure. History isn't one of his interests. But he knew that they aren't from the time period he lives in. His clothes never were in this dream. Like the voice said his clothing and setting change. Just last night he was wearing a suet suit and the night before he was in chain mail. The events of the dream never change though.

There is always violence but there is always HER.

Brad watches as the large wolf that had flung him into the tree receives an electric shock. As the beast falls to the ground, over it stands a beautiful young woman. She turns her attention to Brad and walks over to him. She examines a large gash on Brad received from the wolf's jaws. He cringes as he tries to move it. The young woman helps him to his feet. He begins to limp along side her and starts blushing. She gives him a questioning look before looking down and realizing the battle ripped her dress. Brad takes off his coat. He puts it on her so she can keep covered up. She smiles at him and laughs. The young woman takes his hand and helps him as he walks with his injured foot.

Strange how even in violent scenes such as this she makes you more comfortable then when you're awake.

Brad looks into her eyes. They are amazing, two infinitely deep pools of green. He leans over to kiss her. As his lips caress hers, his whole body felt excited and aroused by just a simple touch. It is as though a force awakened inside him whenever they touched. If he could, he would make that felling last forever. Unfortunately, as the sadistic BANNNK noise of his alarm clock shatters his dream world, Brad groggily reminds himself it is just a dream and will most likely remain a dream. Meanwhile, as the icy water from a shower bring Brad back to reality, not far off a teenage boy is living a nightmare.

Lynnbria Palace is a sight to behold from the outside. A smooth white wall protects the evenly cut grass and well taken care of garden. A large fountain greets visitors as they drive up the spotless road. The hedges surrounding the palace itself didn't have a single twig out of place. Yes, from the outside it seems like a paradise. Inside, however, it is a much different story. Granted, the spender and beauty of the outsides is present inside as well. Plush red carpets line the hall ways. Paintings of Lynnbria's historical moments hang from the walls. In all the rooms, the very best furniture is present. But this place is no paradise.

In his father's office a boy lays on the floor as blood pours from a large gash on his forehead. He is 15 but in rough shape. He is skinny and weak. Scars cover most of his body. The most distinct of which is one across his right eye. One that has left him blind on that side. The boy does his best to suppress the tears that stream down his face. His failed attempt is met with his father's foot slamming against his stomach once again. His father scowls at him and turns to leave. In complete disgust, the man says to his son. "You're a complete disgrace. To think a bastard child like you is the only heir to my throne. Get the hell out of here and clean yourself up."

The boy scrambles to his feet as fast as he can. Any delay will earn him another blow. His name is Damien Night. He is the only prince of Lynnbria. His whole life has been like this, living in fear of his father, only to find comfort in his room, his sanctuary. He rushes in and doesn't even bother turning on the light as he make his way to his bed where his sore body collapses. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. The young man then hears a chair move in his pitch-black room. He sighs and sits up. "I know you're there Cassia. You don't have to hide."

He flips on his light switch. As his eyes adjust to the light he sees a woman with long emerald hair in a tight braid. Her frail bony figure rests over his desk chair. She looks up at him with almond shaped black eyes. Her eyes are almost as dark as Damien's room had been before he turned on the light. It was an extreme contrast to her deathly pale skin. "I wasn't hiding."

Damien takes a deep breath and then notes the blonde wolf-like dog seated at Cassia's feet. "You can't bring a dog in here." A concerned look comes across her face as she gets up and approaches the young prince. Gently she brushes his hair out of his face and looks at the gash on his forehead. He looks up at her sternly. "I'm serious, if you don't get that dog out of here fast my dad will kill me."

Cassia examines the cut carefully and in somber tone stats, "You're bleeding."

The boy rolls his pale green eyes. "Gee I hadn't noticed." Every word drips with sarcasms as it leaves his lips. "Now if you don't get that dog out of here, my dad is really going to make me bleed." She leans over the boy and licks the blood off his cut. He jerks away. Disgust comes over him. "What the hell are you doing?"

The woman's pale cold hand caresses his cheek. "Damien, you know I care for you, right?" The boy nods. "And you know I would never do anything if it wasn't what was best for you?" Again he just nods. A soft smile comes across the green haired woman, showing that her teeth are too long and sharp to be human. She looks him in the eye, gently caressing his cheek once again. "I'm going to give you the power to defend yourself, child. You just need to relax." With the last word her hand waves in front of Damien and his eyes become heavy. Within moment he passes out on his bed.

Cassia tenderly brushes his hair out of his face again. She turns to the canine that she brought with her. In a cold stern voice she orders, "Hurry up."

The dog gets up. Immediately after, the air fills with the sound of bones cracking as the dog's skeletal structure changes. With in moments a gruff middle-aged man stands in the dog's place. He steps forward and looks at the unconscious boy. "Are you sure you want me to make this kid a werewolf?

Cassia gives him a cold stare. "That's what I'm paying you for, isn't it?"

The werewolf runs his fingers through his puffy blonde locks and shrugs. He kneels down getting ready to transform back into his wolf form. "Damn bitchy vampire," he scowls just before taking the boy's arm. As his jaw extends into that of a wolf the man stats, "Well kid, you're in for one hell of a ride. Hope you enjoy it." Once the transformation is finished, the werewolf sinks his jaws into Damien's arm.

The Day Before August's Full Moon

Brad stands in the hallway of Lynnbria palace. His fingers impatiently tap against his arm he waits. He looks at the ceiling and lets out a sigh just before looking at his watch. He hears someone call his name. He smirks as his best friend rushes over to him. The brown and white haired young man taps his watch. "You're late, Danny."

His leans against the wall and catches his breath. "Sorry huff Stacy and I huff just broke up," Danny gasps speaking with a smooth English accent.

Brad nods accepting his friend's excuse. Then it dawns on him. "Stacy? What happened to Vicky?"

Danny runs his fingers through his spiky hair, which was the same raven color as his goatee. A huge grin comes over the young man's face as he responses, "Well, she found out about Stacy."

Brad shakes his head. "And why did Stacy and you just break up?"

His friend stands up straight. He is skinny and short; he just barely reaches the height of Brad's eyes. He adjusts the denim jacket he was wearing over his gray shirt, which read FBI (short for female body inspector). The short man retrieves a pack of cigarettes. As he lights on he explains, "Well she found out about Erin, but the important thing is that my bitch of a fiancé didn't find out about any of these twits."

The brown haired young man puts his face in his hands. "Listen, I know the marriage was set up by your parents, but could you just TRY to get along with Jackie."

Danny takes a puff of his cigarette. "Oh but see I can't to that because she's the Devil."

He rolls his eyes. "Whatever, so what did you're uncle want to see me about."

His friend chuckles at his nervousness, "He just wants to congratulate you on the job offer you got."

Skepticism comes of Brad's face. "You're uncle is the King of Lynnbria. I doubt he has the time to congratulate some art student he barely knows on an animator job."

Danny assures his friend coolly, "He likes you, mate. Don't worry." The short young man opens the door to his uncle's office. "So time I think he likes you better than his own ….son." His eyes widen and shock consumes him as he sees the sight in front of him.

Blood is splattered against the wall and has soaked into the carpet. The chairs, usually set out for the men Danny's uncle met with, are knocked to the floor. Their cushions are ripped and torn. Everything on the King's desk has been knocked to the floor. And in the middle of the blood soaked plush viridian rug is King Leonardo. His clothes are shredded. His body is covered in claw and bite marks. Blood flows out of the huge tear in his throat. Standing over the dead body, a large black wolf snarls at Danny with its bloody mussel.

Danny stands there unable to move or take his eyes off the sight as the beast rushes toward him. He hears his friend cry, "Look out, Danny!" He is shoved to the ground floor. The huge animal sinks its jaws into Brad's right arm. Danny looks on confused. He turns and notices the noted over flagpole. As quickly as he can, the young man scrambles to his feet and grabs the pole. The sturdy pole slams on to wolf's back, knocking it off his newest victim. Danny strikes the beast again as it retreats to the hallway. He drops the now broken pole and goes to help his friend. He looks down at Brad's injury. "You alright, mate? That bite looks pretty bad." he comments.

Brad holds on to his injury limb as the room spins before him. He attempts to get to his feet while saying, "Yeah, I'm fi-" He falls over unconscious before being able to finish his sentence.

When Brad opens his eyes again, he finds himself looking at a white ceiling. He squints while sitting up. As his vision clears, he sees a short young Asian woman. Brad watches her stand there, reading a clipboard. She is very robust for such a tiny young lady. Finally, she looks up from her work and smiles. "Glad to see you're awake Mr. Wolfe."

Still woozy, he asks, "Where am I?"

Almost immediately after, he realized the woman at the end of his bed was in hospital scrubs. Her response didn't surprise him. "Tessa Central Hospital. You passed out after being attacked by the dog that killed King Leonardo. Just wait here a moment and I'll get the doctor." Her smile never left her face.

Brad nods quietly before requesting, " Could you please get my friend Danny too?"

In an even more pleasant tone, she replies, "Of coarse. What does he look like?"

The young man sits himself up more. "Well, he is the Prince of Terra, so you might recognize him. He has black hair and a goatee. He's wearing a denim jacket, khakis, and a FBI t-shirt. He is probably flirting with someone."

The nurse sighs while running her fingers through her long sepia hair. "Oh him." She makes her way to the door only stopping to put the clipboard she is carrying on table against the wall. "He'll be here in a minute."

Danny rubs his goatee while giving the girl behind the front desk a huge grin. She plays with her dirty blonde hair. She pops her bubble gum and meekly comments, "I like your accent."

The young man chuckles. "Well maybe if you gave me your number I could ring you up sometimes and take you out to dinner. Then you can listen to it all night."

The girl blushes and takes out a pen and piece of paper. A large grin comes across Danny's face as she hands him the piece of paper. Just then someone taps him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, Danny?" an unfamiliar voice asks.

"Yeah?" Danny looks over the phone number and puts it in his pocket. He then turns around and finds the stranger is an attractive Asian nurse. His grin returns. "I mean how can I help you?"

She points to the door behind her. "Mr. Wolfe wants to see you."

The raven-haired man smirks. "Just lead the way, love." She rolls her eyes just before turning around. Danny waves to the girl he was flirting with. "Cheers." As one hand waves good-bye, the other makes its way on to the nurse's butt. The nurse's eyes widen in shock and disgust. She scowls at the man she is escorting to see his friend.

Brad stares up at the ceiling as he thinks about what happened. He lets out a sigh just as Danny walks in. His friend has his head down and one hand pinching his nose. He glances up. "Hey, Brad. Glad to see you're alright."

The young man in the hospital bed looks at his friend confused. "What happened to you?"

"It's nothing. Just a nosebleed." Danny shrugs as he takes a seat in on of the chairs in the corner put out for visitors.

Brad adjusts his sitting position. "How did that happen?"

Danny chuckles, "Well, you know me."

The brown hair man smirks, "Put your hand where it doesn't belong, huh?"

His friend grins. "Seemed like a good idea at the time. On the bright side though, I got the girl working behind the desk's phone number and my nose will stop bleeding in a few minutes." The two of them laugh.

Then a smooth controlled voice states, "Excuse me. I'm looking for Brad Wolfe." They look over and see a tall young man in the doorway. He walks in. His steps are extremely graceful and it is like he is walking on air. His hair is tied back into a small ponytail and is styled like someone from over 200 years ago. Tresses of ebony his hair fall over his eye that are just as dark. Both are in extreme contrast to his deathly pale skin, but match his monochromatic outfit. The only thing he wears that isn't black is a silver chain and pendent of a winged serpent perched on an upside down cross.

Danny looks up at him. "Who are you?"

The stranger glances down at him through a pair of dark sunglasses. "That doesn't matter, because right now…" He waves his hand in front of Danny's face. "You're going to take a nap." Immediately after those words left the strangers lips, the young man slumps over unconscious. A playful smirk comes across the strangers face.

Brad's eyes widen as he jerks forward. "Holy shit! What did you just do?"

The pale man gives a disinterested look as he shoves his hands in his pockets. "Just a simple trick. He'll wake up once I leave." He turns toward the window and continues, "But you dumb friend isn't important."

The man in the hospital bed watches as the stranger continues to look out the window. "He's not dumb."

A slight smiled comes across the strangers face. "How kind of you to defend your lecherous friend here. However, one must wonder if he will be as loyal to you now that you are what you are."

He looks back at Brad. The young man just looks at him confused, "What do you mean?"

The stranger smirks. "Let's just say you're about to better suit your name." He hands Brad a note. "Read this if anything else weird happens."

Brad looked down at the letter which had his name written on it in a neat careful handwriting. He looks at the letter. Better suit my name? What does he mean by that? He looks up to ask the man in black only to discover he is gone.

The nurse from earlier quickly made her way down the halls. She wasn't paying much attention to where she was going. Coming in the opposite direction, She was busy planning what exactly she should do about the young man who just came into the hospital. She looked up just as she passed an oh too familiar face. The man in all black just walked past her as if he hadn't seen her. She turned her head as her eyes sent him an icy glare filled with suspicion. "What's he doing here?" she asked herself.

Meanwhile, Brad's pupils shrink as a tiny light shines in his eyes. The middle aged doctor pulls the light away from his eyes. She looks at her clip broad as she records something and walks away. As she looks over she think out loud, "Oh looks like someone made a mistake on your file."

Brad looks up at her as a worried express dons his face. "Like what?"

The doctor doesn't look up from her clipboard and stats, "Well first it says your eyes are brown, but I was just looking at them and they are clearly yellow."

The young man looks at her confused, "Wait…What?"

The doctor ignored him and continues, "Also, it was reported that you were scratched on the face, but there aren't any signs of injury other than the bite on your arm."

"Are you sure?"

The doctor turns disinterested and begins to walk away. "It's all right here, but don't worry I'm sure someone just got your information mixed up with another patient's. I'll be sure to correct it and find who's responsible. You're free to leave."

"Excuss me," Brad's friend interrupts after sitting patiently during Brad's examination. "But before you go I'd like to make a complaint about one of the nurses."

The doctor lets out a heavy sigh. "Which one?"

"Well I didn't get her name but she had long brown hair, tan skin, was in her later twenties, maybe early thirties-" Danny explains.

"You must be mistaken then," the doctor interrupts. Danny gives her a questioning look. She rolls her eyes and in a stern tone informs him, "Prince Daniel, as nephew of the late King I would expect you to know that this is a high ranking facility and none of the staff could possibly be that young. You need at least 10 years of experience to work here." Danny averts his eyes embarrassed as the doctor continues, "Now if you excuse me, I have a lot of work to do." With that the doctor leaves the room and moves on to her next patient.

Danny gets out of his seat. "So you want to grab something to eat on the way home or are you going to your amazing cooking skills and make yourself some cereal for dinner?"

Brad laughs as he gets to his feet. "I'm not limited to just cereal. Sometimes I can pull off toast too."

"The wonders never cease." The black haired young man chuckles. "So about dinner?" he asks as the two headed out the door.

Brad shoves his hands into his pockets. He feels something in his pocket and remember the note he received. "Actually, I got to take care of something first."

A few hours later Brad finds himself driving across the Lynnbrian border into the country where he was born, Hyperia. He flows the traffic signs to a small suburb of the city New Mahtlaw. The sky has been dark for several hours now, making it more difficult for Brad to find the address he was looking for. He nearly misses the small dirt road that he is supposed to take. The dirt road continues for roughly half a mile before coming to a large Victorian brown house. After parking, Brad steps out of his car. He looks at the address one more time. "This Seth guy better have a good reason for having to explain things all the way out here," he mutters to himself as he shoves the paper back into his pocket. The house looks like it had been abandoned for a good amount of time and is surround by trees except for on the back. Even from the front, Brad sees the shore of a small lake at the back of the house. He makes his way onto the porch and knocks. While he waits, the young man looks around. The place is very peaceful. It makes him wonder why someone wouldn't buy the place with such a nice location to a lake.

His thoughts are interrupted when a young woman answers the door. She leans against the doorframe to show off the sexy curve already made noticeable by the short skirt and sweat shirt with the bottom torn off she is wearing. Her chestnut hair falls into her pale face adorned with dark makeup. Her black painted lip pull back into a smile. "You must be Brad. I'm Fayth." She walks out and her high heal boots make a "click" noise against the floor. She looks over The man in front of her and runs her finger underneath his chin. "Seth didn't tell me you were such a cutie."

The young man's face turns bright red as he struggles to say something. Fayth smiles and sits on a wooden banister surrounding the porch. "So you want to know why you're here?" The young man nodded. The red head looked down at her well manicured nails covered in black polish. "Well, you see that "dog" that bit you was really Prince Damien. He's a werewolf and now you're one too. And at-"

"WAIT A MINTUE," Brad interrupts, "You mean I drove 5 HOURS SO YOU COULD TELL ME THAT?! If this is a joke its not funny."

"It's a not a joke."

Brad gives her a skeptic look. "Oh yeah. Well it's a full moon right. How comes I'm not a wolf?"

In the snottiest tone possible Fayth response, "If you had let me finish, I could have told you that the first transformation doesn't happen until midnight."

Brad looks at her through the corner of his eye not believing a word she said. He glances down at his watch and sees the time: 12:02. He glares at her and makes his way back to his car. "I've had enough of this BS. I'm leaving."

Fayth rolls her eyes and heads back inside. "Have it your way."

Brad walked down the steps as a sudden burning pain hit his gut like a hammer. He grabs the railing for balance to stop himself from falling. The pain rushes through his whole body exploding at his hands and feet as claws burst through his nails. He is too busy crying out in pain to notice that his joints were melding into each other. Another serge of power rushes to his head as his ear begin to move to the top of his head while growing pointy. The young man grabs his head in pain and realizes the skin on his palms was too rough. It is now that Brad notices his hand were being consumed by a short white hairs, that is if they could even be called hand anymore. Now they look more like paws. Brad falls to the ground as an even greater pain runs through his torso. He hears the sound of cracking as his bones and muscles shift to new positions. His clothing starts feeling tight and constraining. Brad tries to reach for the pain in his back but his new claws shred his shirt as his pants rip off his legs. He tries to push himself put only to find himself standing on all fours. He lets out another cry as he feels his skull cracking and changes and brown and white fur covers his body. The last thing he remembers that night was a stabbing in his lower back and butt.