Veiled Truths

By Kell Hound

Part One: New Road

Chapter 2: New Moon Rising

A doe lifts its head up quickly as a subtle rustling in the thicket interrupts her drink from the stream in front of her. Hidden in the shadows a large brown and white wolf walks closer. It barely makes a sound with each step it takes. At a slow trot the beast emerges from its hiding place. The doe darts across the stream running for her life. However, the predator it fears makes no attempt to catch the scared animal. Instead, it bends over the stream. A rough pink tongue laps up the clear stream water. The wolf lets out a yawn as it lies down on the grass. It rests its head down and lets itself drift into sleep. At first glance, this creature seems completely normal, but a closer look reveals the wristwatch strapped just above one of its front paws. The sun begins to peek through the trees as it rises. Slowly, the sleeping wolf's form begins to change. Cracking and popping sounds fill the quiet clearing as the bones of the animal change and its fur recedes into its skin.

Seth stands over the wolf as it changes back into the young man he had met yesterday. He kicks Brad's naked body lightly with his steal-toed boot. The werewolf groggily turns over and looks up at the pale black haired man. A dark pair of pants drops onto his head. "Put those on," Seth orders.

Brad's cheeks turn bright red as he realizes the only thing he is wearing is his wristwatch. He holds the pants over his crotch. "Um could you ah turn around?"

Seth rolls his eyes but does as requested. 'So, Mr. Wolfe, do you remember last night?"

Brad pulls up the pair of jeans. Every is still a blur but he remembers that he is no longer human. He lets out a sigh. "The part when I was still human, yes. After seeing I was growing paws, no. This all seems so un-" The werewolf feels his pants tug on something when he tries to pull them up. His eyes widen once he turns around. "WHAT THE HELL?"

Seth glances over his shoulder to see wants wrong. He snickers devilishly at Brad's discovery of a bushy brown tail with a white tip. The black haired man explains, "Oh that. All werewolves have one."

The young man stares at him in disbelief. "Please tell me you're joking."

"Nope. You're stuck with it." Seth begins to walk away.

Brad goes after him. "How come I never heard of that in werewolf legends?

"Most just shove it in their pants so it's not very widely known." The pale man's voice sounds of complete disinterest and boredom.

Upon hearing that, Brad quickly shoves own tail into his pants. "So I take it my eyes turning yellow is another side effect of being a werewolf?" the brunette states looking around the woods. He can't believe all the details he is picking up from the first time. He discovers if he looks off in one direction he can see much further than before. Not only that but he can hear everything. However, both the new acuteness in his vision and hear were pale in comparison to what he is picking up with his nose. There are so many smells and most of them are unidentifiable.

His brief exploration of his new senses comes to a halt as he hears Seth's sarcastic response to his question. "Your deductive skills serve you well."

Brad's attention turns to the man he is following. He noticed that as Seth walks through the wood's, despite his heavy boots, he isn't makes a sound. After looking at his own bare feet, the werewolf realizes he is doing the same. He watches Seth walk for a moment more as he thinks. Finally, Brad checks to see if his assumption is correct. "How do you know all this? Are you a werewolf too?"

Seth starts laughing and turns to the werewolf. He gives him a devilish smile revealing a mouth full of fangs. "Actually if you couldn't tell from the fangs and the pale skin, I'm a vampire."

Brad stops in his tracks shocked. "You're a WHAT?

"A vampire. Now would you hurry up. I'll lead you back to your car." He continued on his way.

The young man chases after him. Confusion consumes his expression. "But …wait…it's day time. Shouldn't you be…I don't know…asleep in a coffin?"

The vampire rolls his eyes. "Oh please. Don't believe everything you read."

"Oh. Okay." The two of them walk for a few minutes in silence. Brad thought turn to what he has become. He doesn't remember a thing about the night before. As the two of them reach the house and Brad's car, he realizes something. The young man's looks down at the ground. "Seth, thanks."

"For what?"

"If you hadn't made me come out here, I … I might have hurt someone."

A smile comes across the vampire's face. It isn't the devilish smile from before. This one is more genuine. "If you want, I can lock you up next full moon if you don't tell anyone where I live."

The werewolf nods. "So what do I do until then?"

"I don't know and I don't care. You might want to steer clear of silver though. It will burn your skin. And also don't tell Prince Daniel."

"Why not?" Brad questions unease with the idea of keeping something from his best friend.

Seth glances at Brad over the frame of his sunglasses. "Let's just say humans' don't take well to certain things. So unless you want a silver bullet through your chest, I suggest you keep this to yourself."

A somber expression fades onto the werewolf's face. He looks down at the tattered pieces of cloth that had been his clothing from the night before. He bends over and retrieves his keys from what was left of his pants. Seth yawns and walks past Brad as if to leave. Brad turns to him and asks, "You wouldn't happen to have a shirt I could borrow?"

The vampire scoffs, "You're lucky I brought you pant. You want a shirt find someone you know that lives near by and get it from them."

About an hour later Brad stands in the hallway of an expensive apartment building in New Mahtlaw. He finds the correct key and takes a deep breath before opening the door quietly. "Mom? Dad? Anyone awake?" the young man whispers before sighing in relief when no one answers. He tip toes through the living room that had been recently been redecorated by some expensive interior designer. He isn't surprised that despite the new decor, a picture of the Jesus still hangs on one of the walls and a candle with various bible figures on them still stand on the shelves. Brad quietly opens the one door that hasn't changed, one with his name in wooden letters nailed to it. He shuts the door with a Star Wars poster taped to the back. Brad vainly searches through the closet. Letting out a sigh he then turns to under the large bed, Delight shines in his eyes. He retrieves a beaten up tattered brown leather jacket. He quickly puts on the jacket and buttons it to make sure no one could tell he didn't have a shirt on underneath. The werewolf quickly tries to leave the apartment before anyone wakes up. Jut as he reaches the front door he hears a woman's voice shout, "Who's there?" After a small pause, the same voice states in a relieved tone "Oh Bradley, it's just you."

Brad turns around and faces the small middle-aged blonde woman in her nightgown and bathrobe. She greets him with a warm smile and holds out her arms. "How are you my boy?"

She gives him a small hug as he replies, "Um …just fine, mom. Listen, I just came to get my lucky jacket. I was in town and figured I should pick it up since I left it here. I didn't mean to wake you. Sorry."

"Oh it's fine dear," the woman tells him making her way to the kitchen. "Would you like some breakfast? It's the maid's day off but I'm sure I could fix you something."

Brad follows her and sniffs the air, picking up the scent of some uncooked bacon in the freezer. His mouth begins to water but he stops himself from agreeing. He still has a lot of things to figure out. "I actually really need to go. Danny's uncle just died and I want to make sure he's okay."

"Oh how is your friend Daniel?" his mom asks, distracted as she gets dishes ready to make herself breakfast.

The young man sighs. "I just said his uncle just died."

"Right, I heard about that on the news last night. It's a terrible thing and his son is so young," Rachel gets out a pan and retrieves some eggs from the fridge. "You want one egg or two?"

"I really got to go, Mom. I'll see you at Thanksgiving," Brad watches as his adoptive mother nods, once again not paying much attention to him. He makes his way out of the apartment and back to his car. Only a few moments later, as he turns onto the highway, his stomach is growling like the animal Brad had transformed into the night before. The werewolf curses himself for not taking the offer of breakfast.

26 days Until September's Full Moon, Midday

Brad walks out of the St. Michael's Church in Tessa Lynnbria. He looks over at his best friend, whose usually laidback expression has been replaced with a somber one. The young man gives him a concerned look. "You okay, Danny?

Danny lefts out a heavy sign and runs his fingers through his hair. "Yeah. I'm fine. To be honest I'm more worried about my mum. She was really upset when I told her the news and even more upset when the rest of my family couldn't catch a flight over for the funeral. Uncle Leo might have liked his alcohol a little too much, but him and my mum were close. She isn't taking it very well." The raven hair looks up at the sky as they come out of the doorway and raindrops hit his head. He lights a cigarette and takes a puff. "Not surprising, I guess. I'd probably be just as upset if Rick died." Danny turns to his friend and gives a look. 'The one thing that confuses the hell out of me though, is Damien. His dad dies and it doesn't seem to bother him at all."

Brad glances over at Danny's cousin Damien. He is speaking with a thin pale woman with a long green braid. She is holding an umbrella over her head even though the rain is just a light shower. The werewolf was getting an odd feeling from either her or Damien. He isn't sure. "Who's that woman he's with?"

Danny looks up from putting his lighter away. "Her name's Cassia, I think."

"Isn't she a bit old for him?"

The prince shrugs, "What can I say? He's a pimp. Gets it from me." Brad chuckles. Danny gives him a grin. "Oh hey Damien's coronation is next Friday. I got you an invite and a date."

"Please tell you didn't."

"Oh come on. If I left it up to you, you're going to a dateless virgin forever." Danny laughs as his friend starts turning bright red.

That Night

Seth looks up at the clock on one of the blood colored walls of the club he was in. He sits at the bar dressed in a black outfit overly decorated with belts and zippers. The vampire rubs his head trying to relieve a headache caused by the poorly played music by the Goth band on stage. He looks into his glass of scotch, "Where the hell is he?"

He takes a sip of his drink as a voice from behind him stats, "You look ridiculous." The vampire turns around. In front of him stands a tall Asian man with bright red eyes and a thin black line tattooed over his face that formed an M. He sits down next to Seth. Images of various mythical beasts and symbols cover his arms but are partly hidden by his red T-shirt. He looks to Seth awaiting an answer.

Seth turns toward the crowd,, all of them clad mostly in black and with far too much dark make up on. The vampire sips his scotch. "Because I'm hungry and the kids who come to this Goth club are easy prey. Did you bring what I asked for?"

The tattooed man pulled two envelopes from his pocket. "Two invites to Prince Damien's coronation."

The vampire takes the invites and smirks. "Prefect."

The man eyes Seth's devilish smirk. "So what do you need these for?"

"Now THAT is a secret." The vampire chuckles as his companion rolls his eyes.

"Just don't cause trouble. I have a possible job there." The man's tone is very stern as he gives the vampire an authoritative glare.

Seth makes an innocent look while replying, "Me? Cause trouble? Never." His sight then wanders to a chubby blond girl at the edge of the bar. She smiles and him and he turns back to the Asian man. "Now if you excuse me, my dinner calls." The man just shakes his head in disgust as the vampire goes to claim his next meal.

20 days before September's Full Moon, Night

Brad stands in the middle of the party being held for the now King Damien. He rubs his temple trying to relieve he headache. The huge crowd is overwhelming his new heighten sense. He is picking up everything in the room, from the smell of the cigar of some middle-aged man, to the sound of champagne fizzling, to the massive amounts of perfume almost every woman in the room was wearing. He can hear and smell everything in the room. He can't find any way to stop everything from coming in. Finally, he notices the open balcony down. The werewolf turns to head outside but is stopped. A young woman with dirty blonde hair gives him a concerned look. "You okay?"

He nods at the date Danny had set him up with. He turns to her and grit his teeth. Although she is just as beautiful as his friend had told him, she had put on too much cheep perfume, so he has been avoiding her through most of the party. "Yeah, I'm fine. All this noise is just giving me a headache. I'm going to just get some air."

The young woman looks at him confused as he makes his way to the balcony. Her thoughts are quickly interrupted by a familiar voice calling her name. She turned and sees the prince of Terra walking toward her. "Wow, Claudia. You look…amazing."

The young man's eyes wonder down to her chest. She lifts up his head. "Keep your hands and eyes where I can see them or else."

Danny laughs. "Warning accepted. Where's Brad?"

"He went to get some air," The young woman point to the balcony.

The short man nodded, "So what do you think of him?"

Claudia makes an uneasy face. "Well…he's nice, but when I talk to him he seems a bit distracted."

Danny's eyes fall down to her chest once again, "Well with you look as wonderful as you do, I don't blame him for being distracted." He looks up and gives her a grin before she catches him. Then is off to find Brad.

Brad sits on a small wooden bench placed on the balcony, his face in his head as frustration with his new powers grows. He let out a sigh then caught a scent he had become familiar with. It smells like cigarettes, sex, and a small mix of something he couldn't pin point. Shortly after, the person Brad is expecting come out onto the balcony. Danny shoves his hands into the pockets of his navy blue suit. "What are you doing out here?"

The werewolf looks up at him, "Just sitting here for awhile."

His friend sits down next to him and pulls out a cigarette. "So what happened with Claudia?"

"Nothing," Brad leans his head back. "I just got a killer headache."

Danny finishes lighting his cigarette. After taking a puff, he turns to his friend saying, "It's okay if you don't like her."

"I don't like her."

"Why not?"

"She's not my type."

Danny takes another puff of his cigarette. "Your too bloody picky."

"No you're just impressed by every girl with tits and a thin waist." The werewolf smirks.

"Just because I shag a girl doesn't mean I'm impressed by her," Danny corrects with a smug look across his face.

Brad laughs, "My mistake you're just a slut."

Danny bursts out laughing and almost drops his smoke. He slaps Brad on the back. "That was a good on. Way to take the piss, mate."

Just then a young brown haired man comes onto the balcony. He looks at Danny. In the same accent as the person he was searching for the young man say, "There you are! The press wants a picture of us with mum and dad."

Danny gets up. "Be with you in a moment, Dicky."

His brother glares at him. "I told you not to call me that."

Danny ignores him as he heads for the door. He turns to Brad and waves. "See ya around. Mate. If you get bored your ex should be around her somewhere."

Brad lets out a heavy sigh. "You didn't have to invite Rita."

Danny gives a sly grin. "No need to thank me. If you need me I'll be talking to Claudia. Someone bloody well needs to take advantage of how sexy she looks tonight. But, if my evil fiancé asks, I went home." Before Brad could say anything else, Danny leaves with his brother.

Shortly after, Brad's headache returns. The werewolf thinks for a moment and realizes he wasn't hearing as much while talking to Danny. He closes his eyes and tries to focus his senses on one thing. His ear's move up and down slightly as his attention goes to different objects. Some music is coming from a small set for a DJ. The music isn't particularly good in Brad's opinion but he finds it easy to focus on. The werewolf leans his head back as the rest of the noise quiets down and his headache subsides.

Meanwhile, the Asian man with the M on his face enters the party. He turns to the young woman on his arm. She looks stunning in the violet and black Eastern style dress he has provided for her. In a formal tone he addresses her. "Thank you for accompanying me, Miss. Warren. You're much better company for the plane ride over than the whores I have the misfortune of working with."

She looks up and smiles at him. "It's no problem, Darkfire. What are friends for?"

He turns his attention to the crowd. "Friend is not a word I use loosely, Miss Warren. Also may I remind you that around normal humans please refer to me as Mr. Setsuna, or if you must be informal Mark."

She rolls her eyes. "Okay, MARK. Do I have to stay with you all night?"

"Of course not. I have work to do." He walks her into the crowd while looking around.

She snickers. "Ah yes. Goddess forbid that you actually relax."

He mutters something under his breath and in a cold tone stats, "Just meet me at the hotel in the morning to the plane home."

The girl pulls herself off Darkfire's arm. She walks off while waving. "Okay see you then."

Darkfire continued to examine the crowd. He relaxes only slightly after seeing that, with the exception of himself and a half a dozen others, the crowd was human. He makes his way to the bar, showing little interest in the meaningless banter and flirting those around him are taking part in.

He put down some money and a fake ID, which says he is much younger than he is, on the counter. "I'll have a beer."

The young man behind the counter smiles. "Sure thing, Mr…" He glances down at Darkfire's ID.
"Setsuna." His face lit up when he recognized the name. "Hey aren't you the guy who runs Phoenix Jewelers and the hotels line?"

"Among other things," Darkfire responses uninterested.

The young man hands him a beer. "Man, you don't look at all how I pictured you. I thought you'd be older. But wow. You're one of the richest guys on the planet. No wonder your girlfriend is such a babe."

Darkfire takes his beer trying to ignore bartender's rambling. "She's not my girlfriend." The bartender nods. Darkfire tries to enjoy his beer while the young man asked him if for business advice and other mundane things.

The young woman who came on Darkfires arm makes her way through the crowd. Out of the corner of her eye she say the open balcony. She turns her attention to the beautiful view of the city. She walked outside. She looked around at it in a bit of awe. She turns her head and sees a young man sitting on a wooden bench. His head is leaned back and his eyes are closed. His head begins to lift up. The young stats quickly "I'm sorry did you want to be alone?'

Brad lifts up his head and responses to the stranger's question. "No I jut don't like crowds." He then looks at who he was talking to and was awe struck. The young in front of him looks exactly like the woman in his dreams. His eyes widen as she takes a seat next to him.

She rests her head on one hand and looks at him. "So why don't you like crowds?"

Brad's check turn bright red and for a moment he forgets how to talk. "Th-th-they ma-makae m-m-me uncomfor-for-fortable" A smirk comes across the woman's face as she tries to suppress a laugh. The werewolf looks down at his feet. "S-s-sorry. I st-st-stutter when I'm n-n-nervous."

She laughs and adjusts herself to be facing him more. "Really? I hadn't n-n-noticed."

"You're n-n-no hel-hel-helping." Brad glances up at her through the corner of his eyes.

"I'm sorry. But why would you be nervous?" she smiles.

He finally looks up at her. "W-w-well, I'm si-si-sitting here w-with the m-m-most beautiful woman I …I have ever m-m-met." He takes a deep breath to calm himself down. "And I'm pro-probably going to screw this m-moment up."

"You mean by like stuttering?" She smirks. He glares at her as she laughs. "Sorry again. But just relax a bit. Take a deep breath. You're doing just fine um…What's your name?"


She pushes herself closer to him. "I'm Alissa, but my friends call me Ally. Nice to meet you.