Anti Depressant

Dejection is upon me

Once again…once again

On this cold night-

I unconsciously reached out

For that sweet bottle

Of heavenly rest-only to find out

It was completely empty




Overwhelmed me


Where did I put the other bottle?!

Of those precious white pills

That could take this pain away

That could make this misery vanish-

(Even for just a short while?)


I ran out of my room

And set out to find

That elusive bottle

(Of those blissful pills)

Here and there-

Through the empty cupboards

And dust-filled closets

Of my depraved abode

(Ravenous I was too!)

With the constant scraping

And banging of doors!


Yes, Finally

(I am not forsaken yet!)

Along the bathtub

(With its murky waters and stench filled room!)

The bottle glittering like gold

And inside-the treasure of treasures!

Luminescent white

Like pearls or ivory

(Though more precious than both!)


Is the only emotion I felt!

Wonderful-just wonderful!

And as quickly as I moved to find this jewels

Is how quickly I went to fetch a glass of water

To my exhilaration it seems to sparkle-

(Mind you I was not crazy-not completely)

Enough of the water-

There are more pressing matters at hand

(Oh! How excited I was!)

To be able to finally escape to my delusions once again

To be able to escape reality once again

Ah! what will I do to attain these things!

And with one last admiring look

I took one of those white pills

And together with the shimmering water

(They make a good combination)

I gladly took it in-

I felt it go down my throat

And then-

Why not take another pill?

And another…and another…

Ah! How wonderful the colors seem to be swirling

Ah! The feeling I'm having-

Is unexplainable

As if my soul is separating

(And I was caught by surprised!)

The label read