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The Point

Basically, this update is meant just to push some other stuff off the front page. Le Creature said he was going to update his stuff, so this should affect him. Therefore, only the crap will be pushed down, with a few exceptions.

Pretend you're one of the exceptions…now.

Anyway, in the tradition of making the essay section one's own personal message board (a practice previously adopted by those-that-I-won't-mention), I'll quickly say that this is the last chapter of what was originally called Hello, I'm Fake Raptor. Tear. This project has served it's purpose in the Cultural Renaissance no Baka. (The English/Japanese is for wider appeal from my original fandoms.)

The jokes have been exhausted. The urine is expended on the brick wall, and other analogies have been explored. All avenues of Internet bullying and trolling have been strolled through, and the history of these events have already been recorded. The truth is, I could provoke responses forever, and the same limbic reaction of pounce out every time.

I feel I must reveal some secrets. First, there is no organized posse, nor are there two factions. I'll explain. There are two different major classes of reviewers that have objected to this fan fiction thing. One class of reviewers has been the science fiction readers. These people- get this- primarily use frequent the science fiction section! A major source of recreation for them is reading amateur science fiction stories. They habitually trespass over scifi submissions with their eyeballs, then scribble reviews of what they've perused. Many of these readers are the more serious amateur writers, and will often make useful suggestions to new writers.

Then there's another class of reviewers involved here. These are frequenters of none other than the essay section! Many of the frequenters here enjoy helping essayists build stronger arguments, and also enjoy pointing out common fallacies in research papers. They're basically the greatest beta readers around. They may also enjoy debating points.

Often, these two classes of reviewers overlap, for some people find pleasure in reading science fiction and essays, among other genres of the written medium. These users, the handful that exist, typically limit their reviews to single paragraphs, for they're short of time. Even so, they leave thoughtful commentary, and should be thanked if possible.

The salient point that has so far been overlooked is that all of these individuals are independent actors that have performed their functions in their own ways for as long as I've been here, which is at least a few weeks longer than my primary account has been around. Researching further, they or forerunners have been performing these same functions this whole time. Anyone remember A Very Disappointing Author's lecture on emergent behavior? Right, many different independent actors follow their own interests without any coordination, but when one steps back, or graphs a population, a pattern emerges, seeming to reveal a deep-seated conspiracy.

AVDA, the sapient one, explained power laws, in which power concentrations take place without a "conspiracy of the wealthy." Other emergent behavior exists, however. Just as a whole lot of positives can inexplicably concentrate around a single point, negative attention can also stack. This is called "being unpopular" in laymen's terms. Unpopularity is simply the inverse of popularity, in terms of how one is valued, and is thus subject to the same law.

The overall conclusion is that there is no conspiracy, and that very little time or thought was taken for each member of the nonexistent conspiracy to take a part. Yet they've been falsely accused of taking part in victimizing someone, ostensibly because two boys couldn't accept the possibility that a large disconnected group of writers disliked an aspect of their writing. To barrow a phrase from another writer here, "pathetic."

The other secret: this account will soon make the transmission into what it was supposed to be, my account for collaborative works. If you have any snippets of short stories you can't finish, email the address on the Typewriter King account, and if they serve as adequate writing prompts, I'll finish them for you and list you as the co-writer.