Nice Girl and Bad Boy were girlfriend and boyfriend. They are cute couples.
Nice Girl hears rumour that Bad Boy fell for one of her friend, Beautiful Girl.
Nice Girl dumps Bad Boy and left the town.

Now Nice Girl returns after four years later and saw Beautiful Girl still with her boyfriend. She realises some are changes and some are same in this town.
Bad Boy begged her came back.
Nice Girl shook her head and leave.

Bad Boy felt badly what he done.
Then one night at party, Bad Boy slept with Nice Girl and left her next day.
That causes her heartbroken.

And now Bad Boy returns into her life and begged her to give him other chance.
Nice Girl shook her head and left him.
Now Bad Boy moved on without her.

And Nice Girl came back into his life because she had his child.
Bad Boy is happily that he's father.
Now they are going out again.

Now Nice Girl and Bad Boy are married. They are happily ever after.
She wants girls to be happy with married not a miserable marriage.