Vampire's Moon

Sleeping until the night,

Until the time is right,

Upon seeing the sight,

Then waking to the rising moon,

Looking into the black,

Upon the prey to track,

Until they turn their backs,

And shall meet their impending doom,

To seek without a sound,

Until they turn around,

The blacked death they found,

Under the sweet light of the moon,

They try to run away,

From death's mellow decay,

Wanting the light of day,

Looking over their backs in gloom,

Coming out it lashes,

Down the victim crashes,

Burning in death's ashes,

Looking to the light of the moon,

And then the hunter dives,

Lashing with fangs like knives,

The prey shall not survive,

And the victim meets its gray doom,

The wound cries out a flood,

And out come lakes of blood,

And shall drown in the flood,

As the blood shines under the moon!