Author's Note: I was on the bus when this story just flowed into my mind…


Angel of Fire



"If I someday die, I just want you to know, I'd prefer being cremated as to being buried… the thought of worms eating away at my flesh…" she shivered. "Please, I want a fire in remembrance of my death."

He chuckled slightly. "Why are you telling me this? Shouldn't you be telling such things to your parents? We don't even know how long we're going to stay together… we might break up tomorrow…"

She snuggled closer to him, and looked into his brown eyes with her bright green ones. So serious, so passionate. "We'll stay together, forever…" she whispered, before looking into the distance.

A gust of wind blew by, blowing her long, bright red hair into the wind.

He glanced down at her and held her tighter. We will stay together… forever… He smiled slightly. I want a fire in remembrance of my death. He had expected nothing less from her. To be buried didn't seem like her style… with her fiery hair, her bright eyes… My little Angel of Fire… We'll be together… forever…

Three years later…

"Leave me alone! I told you, I can't see you anymore, just, leave me alone!"

"No, it can't be true, I know something's happened! Just tell me what and we'll go through it together… this can't be the end, Ilonka, it just can't…"

"Yes it can, and accept that, just get out of my face, and never, ever, ever come to this part of town again, or my parents will press charges."

"So it's your parents huh. Your parents is it? I'll talk to them about it. Whatever I did wrong I'll change! I'll fix it!"

"UGH! There's nothing you can do to please them!"

"So it is your parents after all! Please, I'll turn this around!"

"N-No, it's, it's not my parents, I'm telling you it's not! Not just leave, me, alone!"

"I know you still love me, I know you do!"

She turned around, no longer able to look into his eyes. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" She ran, and ran, summer had passed and fall was near. Dry leaves fell around her. Her bright hair wavered like a wild autumn fire dancing in the air.

He chased after her. "It's not going to help anybody this way! Come back! You can't run around from it! You have to solve issues! Stop being such a coward!"




"I know you still love me…" He whispered. "I will wait for you on that bench till you come! I won't leave till you do! Trust me Ilonka, I'll wait for you forever…" his steps stopped, as he began walking towards his destination.

Ilonka too, stopped. She whipped her head around. "You won't!" She cried furiously. "Watch the weather forecast, it's suppose to rain for at least the next three days straight! You'll never be strong enough to suffer through it!"

He turned around, and stared into those bright green eyes he loved so much. "Watch me." My Angel of Fire… your flame will burn for me… I cannot survive without you… oh, my Angel of Fire…

And waiting he did. He walked towards the beach they had always walked along, and sat on the bench set along the beach. His feet touched the wet sand, his ears heard the sound of crashing waves.

Hours passed, and soon, night fell. All alone, he shivered against the night air, wrapping his jacket tighter around him. But he won't budge. He won't budge till his Angel of Fire comes back into his arms.

Morning arrives, and near dawn, the rain began to fall. As noon came, it began pelting harder, and harder, soaking him from head to toe.

Hours passes… he began to sneeze. Yet still, he won't budge without his Angel of Fire.

Another day passes, he felt faintish. He felt like he's got a fever, and he felt hungry. He wanted food and he wanted warmth, but most of all, he wanted his Angel.

Another day passed.

The rain never stopped, it was as if the Gods were challenging him, testing his will power.

But nothing goes by unpaid. By the afternoon of the third day, an umbrella finally came over his head, blocking the rain temporarily.

"ILONKA!" All of a sudden he felt all his energy returning. He spun around and held open his arms.

But his smile fell, and his arms went limp. A look of shock and pain shot across his face.

A girl with shoulder-length black hair stood there. Her bangs were just above her eyes, and her hair covered both sides of her cheek.

He turned back around, and faced the angry ocean.

She smiled slightly and sat down beside him, still holding the umbrella above his head.

He shuffled away from her. He didn't want her help. If he does not suffer enough, his Angel will never come back to him.

"Are you okay?" She asked gently.


"So, what are you doing here?"


"For who?"

"A miracle."

She giggled. "You can do that elsewhere… you look rather sick right now… if you have no where to go, you can come to my house…"


She frowned slightly. "But why?"

"I'm waiting."

She her smile returned. "Miracles require patience, and we really wouldn't want you to die out before then, now would we?"

"I told her, I won't budge till she comes…"

"So, it's a girl, after all…"


She sighed and leaned back. "Well, I guess it can't be helped… I feel bad for you. Here, I'll wait with you."

"No need. I don't need you."

She acted offended. "Who said I was waiting for you? I just feel like staying here."


Hours went by, yet again. By now, he felt ready to faint, and the girl beside him held the umbrella the whole while above his head, and still, the sky gave no mercy.

By the next morning, she suddenly stood up, and walked away.

A part of him—to his surprise—was upset that she had left him. A part of him was lonely and wanted a companion… Besides, the umbrella did help… "Should've known. They all leave in the end…" he growled.

Twenty minutes goes by, and she came back, with a bright smile.

"Here, hold this for a bit." She handed the umbrella to him.

He looked up at her. Why's she back? "Too tired." He replied.

She laughed, as she set the umbrella on the ground. She fished around in her bag and pulled out a hamburger. "Here." She handed it to him. "You certainly are serious about staying here aren't you? I can tell you haven't eaten for days."

"I don't need your help."

"Oh, c'mon, I don't want people dying on me!"

He could smell the warm heat from the food and was dying to take a bite. But that was giving into temptation. That was ruining perfection. And his Angel will not come back to anything else but perfection. My Angel of Fire… where are you?

"Please? Just take a bite?"


"Aww! Stubborn! I went out of my way to get this for you, and this is how you respond?"

So that's why she left in the morning…

"Well, I guess it can't be helped." She replied with a slight pout. "I'll wait here with you, and I'll suffer with you."

And together, they sat in silence for another day.

And another…

By then, he was so weak and tired and hungry, that he couldn't help but to fall against her as night approached.

She cried out in surprise but didn't mind. He wanted to get up, he wanted to scream at her to leave, but he had no energy left in his body…

"You're hungry, aren't you?" She took out the hamburger from her bag. "Here. It's kinda cold now, but please, eat it for your own good… goodness you're burning right now! I should get you to a hospital…"

"No…" he resisted weakly. "I won't leave this spot. I'll die here, if I have to."

"Stubborn…" she murmured. "But will you eat?"

He didn't reply.

She smiled, and forced the food into his mouth.

And mouthful by mouthful, he chewed and swallowed the hamburger. His head was still dizzy, but he felt better.

He stared up at the sky and wondered: How would I be now if she hadn't shown up? I think it's bad right now with an umbrella over my head, and some food to fill my stomach… but if she never came, what would've happened to me…? Might I really… die here?

Another day passes, still no sign of his Angel. Had the rain burned out her fire? Yet this girl, this strange girl stayed with him. She wore less than he did, and she had no food neither. She kept her words and never left him for half a second.

But the next day, her strength finally failed, during morning, she looked a bit drunk, and by noon, she collapsed.

The umbrella fell out of her hands and she fell down onto the now flooded sand.

"Hey!" He cried out in worry. Though his brain felt ready to explode, though he was shivering to death, though so many things weren't going his way, though he was determined to not speak to a single soul till his Angel came back, he couldn't help it. He gathered her up into his arms and shook her. "WHY ARE YOU STAYING WITH ME?! WHY?! YOU'RE SO STUPID!"

She smiled weakly and tried supporting herself with one arm. But she was much too weak, and ended up leaning on his shoulder. "Because I love you…"

His expression softened. This was all I wanted to hear from Ilonka… "You don't know me…"

She smiled despite her fatigue. "What's your name?"

A pause. A slight smile. "Eric. Eric Lender. You?"

"Celesta. Now I know you…" There was a dreamy look in her eyes.

Perhaps it's time to give up my Angel of Fire… a wild fire can never be kept… it can be admired, watched upon, but not kept… perhaps it's time I let my gracious flames fly away to where she pleases. "You're so kind…" he whispered.

"Thank you…" she murmured weakly. "Eric…"

Perhaps it's time to move on… how many days have I waited for my Angel? Yet she left me here… to rot… to die… perhaps she really doesn't care… Tears fell from his eyes. But with the rain, no one would ever tell the difference. Perhaps it's time to move on… "Time to move on…"

She got up weakly and stared into his eyes. Her eyes were almost… purple… so beautiful…. "What?"

"Time to move on… obviously my Angel won't show up… now, or ever…" He cupped her cold cheeks. "I love you too, Celesta. You're too caring for your own good…"

She smiled. "That's all I wanted to hear…"

He leaned down, and kissed her gently.

Somewhere nearby, under a large oak tree, tears slipped out of the sparkling green eyes of a certain young girl. A cold, harsh gust of wind blows by and her long, red hair lit the sky on fire.


Eric's head snapped around. His eyes widened watching the bright red hair fly around her… that fire he loved so much… He pushed himself away from Celesta almost immediately. "NO! ILONKA I LOVE YOU! AND ONLY YOU!"

But sound wave could only travel so fast.

Lightning shot across the sky. Underneath a tree isn't the best place to stand. Ilonka screamed.

Eric's eyes widened.

The pain, despair, horror, all the terrifying expressions one can imagine filled his face in that one instant. "ILOOOOONKAAAA!"

Then there was silence; the Angel of Fire finally stopped burning.


"ERIC! STAY WITH ME!" Celesta pulled onto his arm.

But he paid no heed to her. Violently, he shoved her off to one side as he ran towards his Angel.

Perhaps it was by accident. When Celesta was thrown aside, her head hit the bench painfully as she fell to the ground, unconscious.

Slowly, blood dripped through her hair and onto the sand.

"Ilonka… Ilonka… Ilonka… Ilonka… Ilonka… Ilonka…" Meaningless words escaped the mouth of the desperate boy as he held his precious girl in his arms. Tears slipped out of his eyes. "God, Ilonka, I love you… and you only… You can't leave me… YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!"

Days later, at a dry, soulless countryside, Eric laid Ilonka on the yellow, drying grass. "As you wish, my dearest…" he whispered empty words. His eyes were dead. He swiped a match, and it caught fire. "Goodbye, my love." And dropped it to the ground.

Almost immediately, the grass began to burn. It snaked around her body and lit her hair first. Her red hair began burning, and this time, her hair really WAS a bright fire lighting the sky.

Slowly, the flames rose higher and higher into the sky. Slowly, the fire consumed hair, her forehead, her eyelashes, her nose, her lips, until her entire face was on fire.

Eric sat on the side. "Angel of Fire… Angel of Fire… Angel of Fire…" He muttered over and over again, as empty tears slid down his face. "I can't just let you go like this…" In his eyes, all he saw was fire, and his Angel… "I won't just let you go…"

Almost in a drunk state, he walked towards the fire that now rose meters high into the sky. "I'll always be with you…" And he embraced the flames.

Same while, by the beach, which by now was flooding, a powerful wave suddenly splashed by, and Celesta's body was carried off. It floated at the top, but slowly, it began to sink… till it at last, hit the bottom.

Author's Note: What a happy ending. Truthfully, the story came to me starting from a boy waiting for a girl… but I had to make up the beginning to make it make sense as for the ending… well, I don't believe in happy endings.