The first three are from when I had to pull an all-nighter to finish a history project . . . I drank five kettles of tea. Black tea. I couldn't sit still for about the next day and a half . . .

Green tea and l'histoire

I am so freaking tired

Please steep, damn you. Steep!

Five minutes later

Fucking tea is still weak

Anger at projects

Tasteless as it be

Constant Comment equals crap

Where are my tea leaves?

Hey, insomnia

Welcome back into my brain

I'm sure it missed you

There lurk open doors

Who exit within my head

Won't allow closing

Ah, crack in a tube

Sugary goodness is grand

Pixie sticks of doom

Never snort sugar

Orange, Maui Punch, or red

Colored sneezes come

Present Day, hurray!

Sugary goodness for all

Headaches follow fast

Mister fuzzy cat

Why, thank you for your kisses

Is that a dead bird?

Cat munches bird corpse

Only devours the brains

Flee zombie kitty

Confusion tango

Better to not voice true thoughts?

Dance of disbelief

Hopeless optimist

Broken for only so long

Becomes pessimist

Columns of numbers

Whirl round themselves in my head

Fuck derivatives

Beauty of Shakespeare

Ruined by bad speaking

No reading aloud

Cows on my tea mug

Mooing plaintively at me

Eat some grass, vacas

Wand'ring round dark house

Reflection of self in glass

Is someone out there?

Rhythm'cly challenged

Banging out jazz piano

No wrong notes in jazz