I was at Theresa Bergman's house, looking for something and hiding when I heard voices. There was a room set-up that was really one room, divided. Megan's room and Theresa's room. There were people talking and I kept hearing them. There was mention of a birthday, and suddenly I was looking even harder for a place to hide, a place to remain, unseen.

The curtain moved and there she was, standing there, looking calm and yet confused. She smiled and welcomed me. "Happy birthday, Carrie. I wasn't expecting you." She smiled more.

We were outside and having fun, playing. I was looking around at some of the old junk that was lying around, and realized the boat thing worked when I tried it. "Of course it works," Theresa said, "My dad built it, and everything that he makes and or builds works." Heh, funny, it was the same opinion I had of my dad.

The next few days or weeks even, we were the best of friends. We laughed, we talked, and we played. We went for walks and told each other her secrets and giggled over boys and bad make-up. But one day we were a bit bored, and decided to go to a convention thing we'd heard of in the old land sellers building. We went, walking there, and leaving Megan on her own. She wasn't old enough to go. And maybe we could find a cute guy, or two. It was an exciting adventure because we were looking forward to the what-ifs. The main building was surrounded with people.

We went in without too much trouble, just an older man glowering at us. We asked if there was a problem, and he let us in grudgingly. No one seemed to mind after that. We walked around and got split up somehow. I looked around and saw the jewels and largely jeweled bracelets and antiques and such. Everything there had to be a fortune. I touched and held, but I never thought of stealing them, because I knew it'd end badly if I tried, so why take the risk?

Some man kept watching me, and I moved away from him, not thinking much about it. Later, by maybe a few minutes, more than one was watching me. There was a lot of them by the end of an hour, just watching, or drifting in close, but the jewels and such were so beautiful an the sights so appealing to me, that yes, I noticed, but I thought it was towards the jewels. After I thought, after another half of an hour, I knew something was wrong, that something was up. Me and Theresa had re-found each other and were nearly back to back. We went into an empty space and kind of shivered together. This was getting too strange.

After awhile, we dared to leave the space, and we wandered again, the jewels seemed to reel us in with their glittering beauty. I sat down, and touched a bracelet, enjoying its light, sea blue and silver graces, when I heard it, felt it. I looked up to seem nearly the entire room encircling me, and Theresa was next tome. She looked surprised in a not so happy way. I looked bad to see a man apart from the group.

"You must leave, now." He said. I immediately felt bad, and moved my hand away from the beautiful bracelet.

"I'm sorry… I was only looking, I wasn't going to steal it," I said, feeling like I'd been reprimanded, and feeling sad for it. I was too busy noticing him and what he'd said to realize he hadn't included Theresa.

"No, you weren't. I know you weren't going to steal that. You somehow knew that it would hold a great consequence."

Something was wrong. Something bad, but I sat there and was simply confused because I knew it was there, but if I got up… what would happen? I felt like if I moved I'd be descended on, even though they'd stopped their incoming. I felt like shaking under their gazes. Some looked hungrily at us, and some whispered in laughing tones. Most were quiet and searching.

I looked away to look for a way out even though it was futile. I looked back to see three of them by me, and I was scared. "What are you? What is it you want?" I said, and my voice was willowy, like shaking air.

I was suddenly far too aware of the secret. They were predators. All of them. But a whole place of them? How was that possible?

"We're your faded dreams of dark and blood in the night. And now you're with us here." I looked to the single man from before and I saw the fangs. I almost laughed; this was a joke, right? But then I was seeing it and I knew it was the truth. They could all kill us here and we'd be no more, or they could let us go and chance us spreading the word. I doubted they'd take the chance. I suddenly just knew... I was going to die. I was afraid for all of a second, before I calmed down, to settle on a numb, deafening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"You can't leave."

"Am I going to die here, then?" I asked. And the question was calm then.

He paused after nodding. Movement like a ripple of unseen air wove over me. There wasn't a choice? I 'had' to die? I looked with my eyes, looking around and keeping my body posture as still as I could without knowing I was doing it. I realized I was ready to bolt. I imagined these creatures of blood weren't going to want to set me free. I had a lost moment where I wanted nothing more than to run. One walked close, the one who'd spoken first. The one who'd exposed who they were. My heart leapt with sudden eagerness and fear combined. Adrenaline rose with the two emotions and made me brave.

"You wouldn't have to kill me if you hadn't spoken to me," I whispered. He took my hair and brushed it all behind me. I felt another hand do the same to the other side. I was all eyes on him and they were pre paring to kill me, and I wasn't even going to look at the other creature on my left side to see who my killer was, because I knew that if I looked, that the diverted attention was going to be what killed me. Once I'd broken the spell, it'd be all over, and I knew that.

I kept an even eye on him. And the cool hand left my hair on my left to rest coldly on my bare neck. It made my shoulder bunch a bit, but I relaxed it. I was all eyes on he vampire on my right.

"I know," he said. He had blue eyes. Nothing wondrous, but I had to wonder how my killer had blue eyes. Weren't only good people supposed to have blue eyes?

"Please," I whispered beggingly. "Just for once, don't do this to us." My voice was soft and I knew it was either over, or I was dead. I realized that was the same thing and hoped it was either over, or they'd set us free. Please, God, I begged in my mind. Let him set us free. Please.

He shook his head and came a step closer…

"You can watch us, there're enough of you. How will you know if we can keep the secret if you never let anyone try?"

'Are you aware of what that will mean for your friend if we allow you to do this? You will be on your death bed and there will be one of us near, making sure you don't betray us at the last second...' his voice whispered in my head.

"Do you really want that? Would she?"

A footstep sounded, thick and solid from behind them all. No one looked. Death stepping closer? Coming in, literally, for the kill?

"I know I can." I whispered, so softly I wasn't sure he heard me. Theresa nodded, a little too quickly, too frightened to speak.