Broken Hallelujah

There was pain without hope to end,
There were tears stained with blood,
There were broken hearts,
Like ancient wounds,
That refused to mend
As long years went by
And angels sang
Our Broken Hallelujah

There were shattered dreams
And years lost to war
There were lives destroyed
With these games we played
Uncaring, unknowing,
We destroyed the world
And rebuilt it again
With tears and blood
While angels sang
Their sad song
Our Broken Hallelujah

With each victory we lost more
Every joy brought pain
When angels should have sung our praise
Instead they sang out bloodstained song
Our Broken Hallelujah

There was life
That refused to end
Long after the mind
Had begged the body to cease
Our tears, like rivers,
Flowed free for those few moments
Between battle after battle
And Heaven rang
With Our Broken Hallelujah

But as I watched you
As you walked away
And I heard the words you whispered,
I realized that,
Worse than the blood,
The tears, the pain,
Worse, even, than the deaths of all we loved,
Worst of all
There were dreams,
Dreams I had never known,
But had guided me through our war,
Through each battle,
There were dreams come true.

And angels sang our song
Our bloodstained, bleeding,
Broken Hallelujah