The Flames Joy


A/N: I read Amora Elvenstar's story, "The Flames Rage" and that inspired this. I tried to match them as closely as I could, without copying, but with the opposite look at the fire. Did I pull it off koi?

Fingers reach out to the sky, racing to see who can get higher, laughing in joy as they fall back to their source, tossing bright sparks of light higher and higher into the night sky.

They eat, letting out cheerful pops, lapping gently at their meal with tongues of soothing heat, rushing to the sky again, twisting and playing; they spread to find more playmates.

Their souls are fiery; they're shining clothes shimmering in the heat of their activity. Orange skin streaked with white/blue veins softly brush, as they're happy purr fills the night, some even hissing in relaxation.

The inviting face, eyes of light and teeth of warmth, is smiling invitingly, asking for you to play. You move closer, reveling in the warmth as their tongues of light and warmth caress you, scaring the darkness away.

The playful flames enjoy your company as they slowly calm down; curl up from exhaustion, and sleep.