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Chapter One- Sleepless Nights

His lips grazed her cheek softly as he made his way towards her ear, speaking to her in an unknown language that she could barely remember.

"Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo,"

A slight shiver ran down the spine of her back when she had translated the almost forgotten language of her people. I intend to have my way with you upstairs and down, was his exact words that had put the flutter of butterflies in her stomach. His hands grazed over her lips lightly then brushed strands of her hair away from her eyes. She found herself getting lost in his brown eyes again. He always had that way of hypnotizing her without trying and just one look from him would cause her to melt in his arms.

She sighed lightly and placed her head on his shoulder as he held her in his embrace. She had always felt safe in his arms but she knew that their love was a forbidden one. She closed her eyes as she felt a tear slip down, then run its course down her cheeks. Immediately, she felt his stare upon her small form and she trembled some. She didn't want to look up. She didn't want him to see the tears running down her cheeks for something that could not be. She didn't want him to see her pain and suffering. Most of all she didn't want to let him go.

Sadly, she stepped away from him and evaded the comforting touch he would offer her. Despite her tears she looked at him and gave him a small smile. She wiped her tears and bit her bottom lip softly while looking for the right words to tell him how she felt. She opened her mouth to try and speak but no sound would come out, which made more tears course down her cheeks. She didn't want to end it but she had to. To be in a relationship with someone from a different village was forbidden.

"Amo," she whispered softly then looked up at him.

Her words alone told him all he needed to know. He knew what she was trying to do, but he wouldn't hear of it. He shook his head angrily and ran his hands through his hair. His gaze down upon her was a cold one that caused her to take a step back.

"Amo…" He began. "Amo? Saeva scaeva,"

She was taken aback by his harsh words, but she knew that it was bound to happen. She didn't want their parting to be so cold. In fact, she didn't want them to part at all. She reached out to touch him but he pulled away from her.

"Is this how you treat people?" he asked her angrily. "When you're through using them you just throw them out like trash? Non sana est puella."

"Sania," she whispered softly then took a few retreating steps back.

"Now you're sorry?" he asked her as he advanced on her. "Are you sorry for this… everything I've given you? Or are you sorry because you were leading me on?"

What happened next just happened. Her left hand connected with his cheek and it just stunned them both. She stared at him while more tears ran down her cheeks. She took a couple steps away from him while he lifted his hand to his stinging cheek. She glared at him coldly then wiped at her tears.

"Taci din gura," she whispered softly. "Vreau hasier II iubesc."

With that said she ran away from him and away from what they once had. He listened to her retreating footsteps and instantly regretted his words. He shook his head and stared at the path she had taken to escape from him. He then picked up a rock and threw it into the tree causing the birds to scatter. He was angry with himself for foolishly letting his temper get the best of him and by doing that; he had chased the one person who had meant so much to him.

Celsiana woke up again screaming and in tears. Her complexion was one that was a sickly pale color. Her eyes were dull and almost lifeless. She looked towards the door as it opened to reveal her close friend Zion. Celsiana looked at her for the moment then curled up in the bed crying again. She was tired of having restless nights and dreaming the puzzling dreams of this mystery man that was plaguing her. The mystery man that her subconscious form desired to no end and was hopelessly in love with.

Zion looked at her friend that was curled up in the bed, defeated. She had never seen her down before and it literally scared her. Every night was the same dream, different time. Zion was just as tired as her friend but she refused to show it. Out of the both of them, someone had to be the strong one and she preferred it to be her. She walked over to Celsiana's side then sat on the bed next to her, brushing away the hair that hid her face and talking to her in a soft comforting manner. She smiled some when Celsiana accepted her comfort instead of pushing her away like she always did. She sighed lightly and settled down in the bed, knowing that it was one of those nights that she would be bunking with her again.

When Celsiana finally gave into her fatigue Zion sat up and looked at her. Zion was known as a dream walker, a person able to walk dreams to escape from the reality of the real world or manipulate and create them so it was easier for them to control the being's mind. There was a little few dream walkers known to their people because it was a difficult task to do. Being a dream walker demanded one's complete concentration to focus on the task ahead of them.

Zion gathered her thoughts and closed her mind off, clearing it of the unwanted thoughts that would put a strain on the person's dream that she was entering. Once she entered Celsiana's dream she simply manipulated the dream into something that would calm Celsiana down enough so she could sleep.

Zion pulled out of Celsiana's dream just before dawn broke. By the time she was finished, her forehead was beaded with sweat. Her hands shook badly and her vision blurred as she tried to focus. She had removed the memories of her nightmares and took it upon herself to dream. Celsiana would no longer have to worry about her nightmares for a while which made her happier.

She sighed lightly then wiped the sweat at her brow and looked at her friend who was now sleeping peacefully. Zion felt awful. She was still an untrained dream walker so doing this really took everything out of her. In fact, if anyone realized what she had been doing to Celsiana for the past several months she would lose her privilege of being a dream walker. The King had no tolerance for people who undermined his authority, especially people who used their gifts on his daughter.

Zion removed herself from Celsiana's bed and left the room minutes before Celsiana's maid would enter the room to check on her. She unsteadily made her way down the hall, still suffering from the side effects of being in Celsiana's mind. Her powers were limited, yet still she used her powers at her own will knowing that the side effects would worsen and eventually lead to death if she continued at the rate she was going.

Barely two feet away from her room, her legs gave out and she collapsed on the floor. Her body was covered in a light sweat. Zion was tired and weak. Her breathing was ragged and she was unfocused. Cursing herself for being weak, she sighed softly at her stupidity. She should have followed her mind and just stayed in Celsiana's room but she had run out of excuses to give her nosy maid.

Zion tried to pull herself up to a standing position but she failed miserably. In fact, she felt like she was having an outer body experience. She shivered from the cold that rushed through her body from the tiles she sat upon. She was drifting into another world, a world where the nightmares of Princess Celsiana would haunt her until she managed to find her way back into the world of reality. If only it was that easy to find the door that would grant her access from the horrors her princess had seen. Darkness enveloped her vision as she gave into the ghost-like voice that called her into the world where nightmares ran rampant. A whimper escaped her lips as she was lost this realm of horror, never feeling her body being lifted from the ground into a warm embrace.

He had awoken with a start. His masculine body was covered in a light sweat and his breathing came out in heavy pants. He climbed from the bed and walked over to the window to open it, allowing the cool air to calm his heated skin. This was the fourth day in a row that he had dreamt about his mystery woman.

He sighed lightly and stared at out at the distance in thought. This was the fourth time that he had broken her spirits and made her cry. He had made his angel cry and he had never felt pain like this before, not even in all the wars and battle he had fought. The strangest thing to him was that he never knew if she was real. He had gone from village to town to city then to clans but alas, he had never found her. He was starting to think that she was just a figment of his imagination, something he dreamt up because he had refused to be forced into an arranged marriage by his father.

Shifting his gaze from out the window, he went and got ready for the day ahead of him. His people would need him in the small towns and villages. His father will try to force him into another arranged marriage. This marriage was to Princess Celsiana. He had never met the princess but from what he heard he came to the conclusion that she was a spoiled brat. The word "No" didn't exist in her world. She never had to do hard labor or suffer the consequences of her actions. He shuddered at the thought of marrying a woman like that, no less a princess. He chuckled as he thought of hanging her by her two legs in his bedroom until she learned a lesson. However he refused to marry her. He had single handedly found other ways to ruin his previous arranged marriages and he saw no problem in doing it with this one. He refused to marry a princess of her kind. The only woman he wanted to marry was the one that plagued his dreams. He wanted her more than the air he breathed.

With a heavy sigh, he continued to get ready. He was to meet with Takai, the next lord of a nearby clan. Today was the day he would show his father that he would never be defeated in battle. Today was the day that Takai was going down… for good.


Sania – Sorry

Amo – I love you

Taci din gura – Shut up

Saeva scaeva – Rampant she-devil

Non sana est puella – This girl is insane

Vreau hasier II iubesc – I can't believe I fell in love with you

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo – I intend to have my way with you upstairs and down.