A Play en Français

Scene One :

(Madmoiselle Ginger is sitting on a couch, reading a book when her telephone rings.)

Mlle G : Hello ?

Mlle M : (On the other end) It's me, Madmoiselle Marmalade.

Mlle G : Ah ! What can I do for you ?

Mlle M : I have a big problem ! I lost my house !

(There is a long pause)

Mlle G : How do you lose a house ?

Mlle M : Can you help me ? Please ?

Mlle G : Eh … Okay.

Mlle M : Thank you ! You are very kind, Madmoiselle Ginger.

Mlle G : No problem. Anyways, where could your house be ?

Mlle M : I don't know.

Mlee G : Hmm. I'll mee you at your house.

Mlle M : My house isn't there !

Mlle G : Okay … I'll meet you where it was before you lost your house.

Mlle M : Okay. I'll see you there.

(They both hang up.)

(The scene continues at an empty lot between two other houses. Madmoiselle Marmalade follows Madmoiselle Ginger as she examines the perimeter of the yard.)

Mlle M : Here is where it was.

Mlle G : Hmm. Interesting.

(Suddenly, a man appears behind the two women.)

M. Basil : You are looking for a house ?

(Mlle Ginger and Mlle Marmalade both turn and look at M Basil in surprise.)

Mlle G : Who are you ?

M Basil : My name is Monsieur Basil. (He turns to Mlle Ginger) Madmoiselle Ginger ?

Mlle G : (Mlle Ginger is obviously suspicious.) Yes…

M Basil : (Turns to Mlle Marmalade.) Madmoiselle Marmalade ?

Mlle M : (Mlle Marmalade is obviously taken with the handsome M Basil.) Yes !

Mlle G : (Mlle Ginger is suddenly annoyed.) What do you want ?

M Basil : What do you want ?

Mlle M : I want my house!

M Basil : I can find your house.

(Cue dramatic music.)

… to be continued.