Remember that time
Way back when
We thought we knew everything
Though we only knew our playpen

Remember that time
You tripped and fell on the ground
And your knee hurt like hell
Now words hurt more, I've found

Remember that time
The worst thing a boy could give us
Were the infamous cooties
Now cooties are much less of a fuss

Remember that time
You accidentally broke your toy
You cried until mommy got you another
Now your mother can't so easily bring you joy

Remember that time
When we raced and I won
You wouldn't admit that you lost
Now race issues aren't about who's the fast one.

Remember that time
We wanted to play war
So I went to get a deck of cards
Now war is about so much more

Remember that time
When our only mistakes were
Playing too far away from grown-ups
Now many more of my fuckups occur

Remember that time
When life was simple and fun
We had no responsibilities
We had no work to get done

Remember how we wanted time to speed up?
Remember how much we wanted to grow up?

Inspired by a paragraph written by a friend of mine. We used to be very close, but that was when we were young.