Dark Harvest

For many years my village has been under the power of the great and powerful demon Marlizu, in which the people live in fear and old age is but mere fable. We are all enslaved by his terrible might, and those who try to defy his power will always be the first to suffer the eternal pain and agony of his wrath. But of course, most of us will always behave well, so we will not have to suffer until our bodies reach the right age when our souls are at their highest flavor (at least by his standards).

For the last three centuries, Marlizu has held total dominion over this village, where all its inhabitants shall live in fear. The village is named after the demon himself. The village is pentagonal in shape, with each of its five sides being less than half a kilometer in length. The edges are fenced off with one hundred-foot steel walls, in which no one can get in or out. As a result, all of the village's four thousand inhabitants are forced into such a minute little area, in which there are fifty rats for every human (some of the rats have mutated to the point where some have extra heads). As I walk through the bleak side streets, I grow more and more accustomed to the mutant rats and the rivers of sewage flowing down the streets with every passing day. Because food is so scarce and disease runs rampant, insanity has become a part of everyday life. Because the water is all sewage, we have replaced it with alcohol. It is a well-known fact here that the village drunks make up around half of the total population. Marlizu keeps the village in such a poor condition because those who live a pitiful life will always have the best souls for devouring. At the center of the village rises the great tower of Marlizu, where he maintains his position as the center of power.

For three hundred years, he has fed off of our souls. He holds power over my village because he needs nourish his great stature with human flesh. Once the flesh has been devoured, the soul is ripe for the picking. Day after day, living in this village is repetition. Everyday, all the people hide in their little shacks, hoping to not be Marlizu's next meal. We live in fear. No one talks much here, for the sake of unwanted secrets getting out, eventually to Marlizu himself.

And every night, Marlizu will draw forth some unlucky soul within the village to have his flesh eaten and soul devoured. Every night at midnight, someone will be spellbound and drawn forth to Marlizu's deadly tower where within its corridors, Marlizu is said to destroy the body with burning acid and the soul will be fried to his liking. Every night at midnight, he tolls the iron bell upon the top of his steel tower signaling that the next soul is drawn forth. Every midnight while the bell tolls, all who live in the village stare out at the tower, hoping to not be the next victim. It's like a farm, with human lives as the main crop.

Every day, all the people hide in their little shacks, living on in fear. At night, they prey for their lives, and at midnight, they look upon the tower in grief, hoping to not be the next victim. Marlizu breeds humans so their souls could be perfect for his appetite and the worse the life, the tastier the soul. Living here is repetition, where everyone lives in fear over and over and over and over and over again.

Throughout the town, everyone just keeps to themselves, living a dreary existence. However, as conditions remain deplorable, not everyone is willing to live a worthless life and die to be fed to some demon. Though I personally am smart enough to not challenge the almighty Marlizu, there are fools who are willing to die just so they could resent him. Sergio, who is considered to be one of the most popular men in town, has decided that he could no longer be trapped from the outside world in this disgraceful rat hole. He has always wanted to rid his life of Marlizu but knows he is too weak. He has always dreamed of life on the other side of the walls, and his dreams have spread some light upon the hopes of many of the villagers.

At night, after midnight, Sergio tries to draw up plans to escape the village or combat Marlizu, despite his lack of weapons. I call him crazy. He is but a weak human under the power of a powerful entity. A while back, he attempted to persuade me to follow him in his future assault to overthrow Marlizu. I replied back to him, "What are you going to do? Are you going to slap him to death with a wooden stick?" No one has ever seen Marlizu himself. Some say that he is a great power towering at a height of seven kilometers. He called me a coward and called me inane for choosing this life over the life he envisioned.

He quickly gained the support of over one quarter of the village (over one thousand people) to support his gallant, but in my opinion a wasted cause. His supporters will be destroyed and he will be forced to suffer a painful death of eternal decay. However, as worthless as his attempts may seem, he gained the support of the masses for his cause. "Look how he enslaves us!" he would yell out. "How may of your friends and family has he claimed?"

"You will get smothered," I say to myself. "You're racing towards an early grave."

After about three weeks time, Sergio finally had his army (It's not really an army, it's more of an angry mob) ready for his assault for freedom.

At dawn, Sergio marched his army up to the great iron tower of Marlizu. He was determined; when a town drunk tried to stop him, he simply speared him with a stick that was sharpened at the end. Though in this case the drunkard was right, Sergio seemed more iron willed at the moment than Marlizu himself.

Using an old support beam as a battering ram, Sergio's mob thrashed it into the steel doors of Marlizu's tower. At the first try, it didn't budge. At the second, it got loose. For the third try it got looser. At the forth it was looser still. They finally blasted the door down with the fifth try.

"Knock! Knock!" Sergio bawled. After a few seconds, the almighty Marlizu finally stepped forth from his tower. What a magnificent, yet appalling sight to see!

Sergio stopped as the horribly menacing figure of Marlizu stepped out into the open. For a few brief seconds, he held his mouth open while examining the powerful opponent that stood before him.

Marlizu towers over his advisories. He has to be at least thirteen feet tall! However, his sheer size is not the only thing intimidating about this foul beast.

Such a menacing figure he is! Though humanoid in figure, he has a ghastly appearance, being very broad and strong looking. He possesses the head of a goat-horned hyena and a wrinkled hide. He has the tail of a scorpion, which drips a caustic venom from the tip. From his back sprout a large pair of bat wings. He also has a pair of deformed, human arms protruding from his chest. In his left hand he carries a large bloody axe, presumably to chop his victims once taken from the village.

He towered over Sergio and his crew with a hungry grin on his face, blood dripping from his mouth. Ready to strike, he glared upon the horrified mob gathered at his doorstep. The mob seemed frozen at the sight of Marlizu, completely unable to move.

"Oh God," gulped one of Sergio's followers. "Oh God, he's going to kill us all." His look of fear and abhourance swept across the faces of all the followers, all except Sergio himself. Marlizu was ready to strike.

"We're going to damn you to Hell," Sergio said silently to himself. Then with more feeling, he screamed to Marlizu," We're going to damn you to Hell!"

That was it. Suddenly Marlizu lashed forth his black tail into the throat of one of the villagers. He died instantly, with blood shooting out from his neck. The mob still frozen in their tracks, struck four more down, crushing their skulls like acorns. Marlizu quickly swept across the mob like a thief in the night, slashing the mob down one by one with each death bloodier than the last.

With the stealth of a ninja did Marlizu strike, with sharp precision he lashed his tail life a knife. Like dead metal the villagers all dropped. To weak and to slow they were to stop his violent blows. He'd rip out their hearts, livers, and spleens and coated in blood the village center shall be.

Marlizu swept over the whole mob and within seconds, everyone died. No one survived, well except Sergio, that is. Sergio stood in front of the great Marlizu, armed with his stick. It will do no good, but Sergio will fight anyway. He quickly lashed out with his spear straight into Marlizu's chest.

In that moment, Sergio realized he won. He killed the great Marlizu. Or at least he thought. He soon realized that the great demon still stood with blood flowing from his chest. The spear remained lodged into Marlizu's chest. With one hand, he yanked it out and whipped it aside. He swept over Sergio, taking him by surprise.

He didn't kill Sergio. He has something much better and more entertaining planned. First, Marlizu brutally yanked Sergio's arms and legs from his body. He then filled a small tank with water. He placed Sergio, still alive, belly down into the small tank to watch Sergio drown in his own blood while the rest of the village contently watched.

I knew Sergio's little charge would fail. Marlizu is invincible. No mortal can challenge him. That is why Sergio now lies dying in his own blood. The whole village watches contently as Sergio drowns in the sweat, bloody rivers of blessed, fiery death.

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