I took my pack of cigarettes out from my back pocket and pulled one out. " Excuse me," I said as an old man passed by, wearing a leather jacket that had the American Flag on the back. " Yes," he said in a hoarse voice.

I knew he had a lighter. I could smell the past smoke in his lungs. " Would you happen to have a light?" I asked. The man pulled out a match and struck it against the cardboard like paper. I cupped my hand around the match as I lit the cigarette.

" Thank You," I said as the old man nodded his head and continued on his way. I puffed on the cigarette and looked at the black sky and the twinkling stars. I feel so lonely. Sniff. Rain. Rain is coming. And as soon as I think that thought a drop of rain hits my nose…and then it all falls down.

I sigh…my cigarette went out. " Smoking kills," a rather seductive voice said behind me. I turned around and see the most exotic woman I've ever seen. Why couldn't I smell her?

The woman had these black leather boots with five-inch heels, black net stockings, short black leather skirt, an unbuttoned black leather trench coat, a tight black leather camisole revealing cleavage, and she held an umbrella above her brunette locks that kissed her shoulders, which were decorated with Puca shells. She had a straight nose with a golden nose hoop and these beautiful big hazel brown eyes.

" Who are you?" I asked rudely. The mysterious woman smiled, showing beautiful well-structured teeth. She slowly walked over to me like a sexy cat. Then she came so close to me, that her umbrella was right above my head. She rubbed my right side of my cheek, wiping off the rain and whispered, " Now isn't that much better."

I can smell the shea butter in her hair and the coco mango on her skin. Where did she come from? How come I couldn't smell her? These questions needed to be answered. Is she like me? Is she a werewolf? I do not think so. What else could she be?

" Who-" I started. " Who am I? Does it matter? I'm obviously a stranger…don't you think?" she said quickly. I stared at her and admired her flawless brown skin and her beauty. This usually doesn't happen to me. I would never fall in lust with food.

The woman broke the silence with a chuckle. " Excuse me. My name is Azalea and I was just watching you from my apartment window. You've been standing here for quite awhile and haven't gone anywhere," she said.

I looked past her and saw that there was an apartment building there, a very dark and tall one. Then I looked back at her. She was as still as a statue…just staring at me with those eyes that didn't blink. " So you came down here just to…"

" To see if you would like to go eat something," Azalea finished my sentence. Go eat something? She has no idea what I feed on. " I can take you to this slammin' restaurant. They have everything. If you want a boot with red sauce on it you got it," she said.

Is she serious? " I'm serious," she said. Did she just fucking read my mind? What the fuck? " What's wrong?" she asked. " O nothing. I just had a thought," I said. What am I doing having a conversation with her? I'm starving! I should be biting into her flesh and tearing her apart into shreds.

" Are you thinking about me?" she said seductively. I didn't answer. I just watched her slowly come closer to me and lick the side of my face with her moist tongue. Now she was just moving too fast and I had to step back.

Azalea licked her lips and asked, " Do you or do you not want to come with me?" I couldn't believe this was all happening so fast. What could I do? I needed a companion in my life so maybe she could be mine. I nodded my head yes.

Azalea quickly hooked arms with me and started walking. " So what is your name?" she asked as a puff of cold air came out of her mouth. " Rogelio," I lied. I don't know why I lied. I just didn't want to tell her anything about me.

" Rogelio,' she said letting my name roll of her tongue with a Mexican accent. " What is this place called?" I asked her. " It has no name," she said simply," It doesn't need one." I looked at her like she was weird and said, " What is your job?"

" Rogelio," she repeated my name again with an accent," Why shall I tell you my information but yet you won't tell me yours." We suddenly stop at this long dark alley.

" Is this it? Is this the place?" I asked. She didn't say anything. All she did was take me along with her into the alley. Her footsteps echoed loudly in the alleyway as we walked faster.

I smell no humans. No humans at all. What is this place? Who is she? WE come to a rusted door. She pounds hard on it. Almost instantly, a pale Caucasian man opens the door widely.

" Ino vavauro,"Azalea said something in a deep voice. The pale man scrutinizes me and growls something through clenched teeth. " What is going on? What is this language?" I yell demanding for an answer.

Azalea tilted her head up toward the pale man and said, " Let us in or else." The pale man just laughed and said, " Or else what?" I looked at Azalea and saw her eyes filled with anger. She clenched her teeth and before she said anything the pale man just stepped aside.

We walked inside the restaurant. It was dark and elegant looking. There were small round tables and candles. A very tall woman came to us and showed us our seats.

" Do they have a menu?" I asked Azalea. She looked up at me with those beautiful hazel brown eyes. " Nope. You just tell them what you want to eat," she said and smirked.

The same lady that showed us our seats came back to us with a pen and a paper. " What would you like?" she asked. " Bloody Mary," Azalea said and folded her hands on the table. " Rare steak," I said. The waitress said fifteen minutes and walked off.

" What is your real name?" Azalea asked me as she twirled one of her locks. " Excuse me?" I said and coughed. " I know that isn't your real name. So stop frontin', " she said and smiled. " How would you know that information?" I said.

" I've been watching you from a distance…Carlitos," she said. What? " You've been watching me?" I asked. " Yes for quite awhile in my slumber," she said. " In your slumber?" I say perplexed. She giggles and I think this is a joke.

" I'm a vampire Carlitos," Azalea said as she took the glass of red thick liquid from the waitress who served us.

To Be Continued…