People judge me

and say that they know me

but how can they?

when they won't listen to

what I have to say?

It's their mouths that

are always blabbering

and my ears that are

always listening

can't it ever be switched?

Can't I say what I have to

without losing your attention in

less than a minute?

Why won't you listen to me?

You say I am unopinionated

but how could you ever

hear my opinions when

you don't shut your mouth

long enough just for me

to tell you how I am?

You ask me a question

but as I open my

mouth to answer it

you are once again

talking about yourself

about how you think your

life sucks

when it truly doesn't

you don't know what

it means to have

a crappy life neither

do I

you don't know how it

is for the kids our

age out on the streets


without a shoulder to cry on

without someone to comfort them

because their best friend

is laying dead next to them

you don't know the meaning of

a crappy life and neither do I

so shut your mouth for a

second so you can see

all that you have going

for you and not

what you think you

don't have

so shut your mouth

and maybe you will

finally hear my opinion