Lilly's Stranger

Chapter 1: The Dark Window

Her dreams had become nightmares, haunted by murder, violence and evil. She awoke from her sleepy hell with an eerie feeling creeping through her body. A cold air swept over her and the hairs on her arms stood on end. Then she saw him. A man covered in black clothing that shone in the blue night. His eyes seemed almost to glow red, and his eerie smile revealed glistening white teeth that came to a sharp point that he caressed with a rose-red tongue. His pale skin looked almost blue in the light and his long thin fingers clung gently to the windowpane. His jet-black hair gleamed in the star-filled night and it hung unmoving upon his shoulders. She stared at him, completely filled with shock, fear and awe that it seemed to paralyze her entire being. He was the most beautiful thing that she had ever imagined. He looked inhuman yet his eyes entranced her.

He sat on her windowsill staring at her. With every second that passed, she could almost feel his cold hands upon her warm neck. His eyes that walked across her bleak face. His sharp teeth penetrating her blue, innocent, warm veins. There was a feeling of pain. The pain felt good, it felt as though all her innocence and joy was being drained from her life filled body, her youthful existence. That pain of being loved with passion, like she had never been loved with before. The sinful happiness that the bite brought her made her feel cold inside.

She awoke, her heart beating in her throat as she placed her icy hands upon her neck where she had felt his lips. Her face felt wet, yet cold from an almost burning heat. She looked around frantically: her bedroom looked normal enough. As her eyes adjusted strangely well to the blinding darkness, she could make out the objects that occupied her cluttered space. She saw her books and CD's, her teddy and TV, her pot plant that desperately needed water and her beloved poster of Green Day. As she scanned the room, her eyes drifted towards her window. She saw her white lace curtains that she so badly hated; her mother insisted on her having them for privacy sake but she saw them purely as irritating. Then with a shock that seared her entire being, she saw them flutter. She felt her body drain of the little power she still possessed after that awful dream that had exhausted her. The window was slightly ajar. "The wind must've pushed it open. Don't be stupid." she said to herself, trying to calm her racing heart with her own voice.

She pulled the purple floral covers away. They seemed black and her bed felt suddenly unfamiliar. She scooped up all her courage and with her eyes fixed upon the open window, she got up and walked slowly towards it. She stumbled over her slippers and slipped on her suduku book but eventually made it to the open window. She reached for the rusting handle. It was unbelievably cold. It was supposed to be a hot summer night, but strangely the weather conditions disagreed with the season. The sky had become black with heavy storm clouds that blanketed the sky. A thin layer of mist hung over the scorched grass. She could hear the faint rattle of rain against her window. Her breathing had normalized and her hands had stopped shaking, but her nerves were still on edge. She told herself to calm down, but it was an extremely difficult feat, as the thunder, wind, rumbling ocean and occasional flash of lightening terrified her. She walked over to the light switch and found herself standing in an empty darkness that made her heart skip. She switched it on and the blinding light stabbed her eyes.

She tiptoed her way to the kitchen, making sure not to wake her family. She scanned the room: only dirty dishes from that night's supper. Bright orange grease stained pots that were used for lasange, and an open packet of biltong that lay forgotten on the table. She walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, then moved over to the drawer and pulled out a knife, that she held tightly against her chest to make herself feel safer. Walking past the counter she snatched the biltong and, while balancing all the objects, she moved slowly to the bathroom.

She placed her stuff on the toilet seat and opened the cold tap. Her pupils looked larger and blacker in the mirror and the light shining through the window made her face shine bluish silver. She splashed the cold water over her burning face and, after drying it off with a plush pink towel, she straightened up. She stood facing the mirror and suddenly felt the urge to turn around. Her heart raced again. But all she saw was a bottle of bubble bath, some candles and the tub. Nothing threatening to jump out at her, even though she expected it to. "Must be all those Horror movies you've seen" she mused to herself, while smiling unconvincingly at the towel rack.

She grabbed the objects on the seat and made her way to her bedroom as quickly as possible. She climbed into bed and placed the water on her side table. She lay dreamily in the bed, trying her best not to fall asleep. She cut the biltong into strips and put them one by one into her mouth. The meat tasted good; just a bit too dry. The water was tasteless and a little brackish. As she lay there chewing softly in the darkness, trying her best not to drool, she drifted into the world she had just come from. The world filled with her fears and secrets. Her cursed world of sin.