It was perfect. Everything was in harmony. Animals and people lived side-by-side, content. Balance was everywhere. Animals sacrificed themselves, giving food to the people. People in turn, promised to use everything to keep the Cycle going. Among the people, everyone had his or her place. Each had an important task and presence in the group. Even the different groups of people worked with each other, doing the best they could to benefit everyone.

Unfortunately, these times ended. Within the water people, disputes started. A few of the young ones grew restless and greedy, believing that they were superior to all others. They began to ask for more than what they had, grew lazy in their work, and aspired to be like the Great One. The Great One, whose name was Tanek, had first created the world. He had brought the world into order and made sure that everything was in its place. He made it so that all depended on each other. Now the Balance was off and he called upon four individuals to restore the order and teach the ways of Balance. From the water people, he chose Casta. From the fire people, he chose Hyam. From the earth people, he chose Li. From the wind people of the mountains, he chose Melisenda. And to lead these four, he chose to create another one who would instruct these four and their successors. This one, he called Quinn. Together, the five were called the Lhaam.

To help them on their conquest, Tanek gave them powers. Casta was able to move objects with her mind. Li was a shape-changer and could transform himself into anything. Hyam was given the knowledge to heal almost every ailment on earth with a special healing touch. Melisenda was able to transport herself and anything she touched to anyplace she wanted. And all helped Quinn spread the ways of Balance. Each had the power to communicate with one another in their minds.

These five took it upon themselves, the burden of restoring Balance. They would have to quell the acts of those unruly ones and prevent their deeds from spreading. Unfortunately, the young ones had already joined together in strong opposition to the ways of Balance. They had already begun to recruit others. The people were confused. Disheartened. Torn between the two groups, the Lhaam and the Nica. The time had come for WAR and DEATH to begin their reigns on the world. And so begins the journey to bring back the Balance that was here before. The time for magic and mystery has begun.