The Night Goes On…

Empty thoughts scavenger through my mind,

Even though I keep reassuring them that there is nothing to find.

Long lost images are haunting my eyes,

They burn through my pupils and scatter the ashes through the skies.

Even as this all occurs…the night still goes on.

My fatigued hands and wrists move in momentum,

Will no one ever read this document at all?

My tortured eyelids grasp harder and harder to try to stay open

I realize this attempt is useless, so why am I so persistent?

The night still goes on.

Babies cry and mothers weep,

Fathers are lazy and teenagers scream.

Warm and cold breaths are counted one by one,

And yet the night still gradually moves on.

Will this eternal night never end?

I want it to be over so that I might be able to mend.

Mending all my wounds that were caused throughout the day,

After all of these happenings, is this all I have to say?

Yes, because wrongs are wrongs and rights are rights

No one can ever change my days or nights,

They are monotonous and forever will be like this,

And yet the night still skips to beats of bliss…