A/N: My first Co-Authored project! And I am totally honored to do it with acclaimed slash author Esquirella. I'm totally psyched! Well, here goes, I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter One: Beginning

I'd like to believe that the friends that I surround myself with are diverse, unique individuals, coming in from all walks of life, and who collectively contribute important insights to help me grow as a person with virtue a strong as branded steel and an unwavering respect for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, values, and most notably, their sexuality. I believe that at some point in my life, I had befriended just about everyone: the artsy theater buffs, the adamant feminists, the steadfast African rights' advocates, the intelligent Asians (in the least stereotypical way), the ambitious college students, to name a few, and finally, the ever-flamboyant yet always-perceptive gay males. Yet even with a group of friends as diverse as can be, there was a point in my life where I was uncannily attached to the group of gay men, that it led me onto a strange yet romantic "journey" (if you choose to call it that) that left several memories that I'll never forget, which instilled in me the most significant "insight" of all. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I know. Typical story where a "straight" guy falls in love with gay ones and turns out to be a closeted gay male, too afraid to admit that he was queer. Well, needless to say, it's not the case, oh no. So much more factors and so much more pointless crap that have altered the flow of how this story was "meant" to go on too many occasions. Sit down, listen, and prepare for the unexpected.

Let's start off at the beginning, because naturally, it's the best place to begin, right? It started when I, Markus Chalmers, graduated from Princeton in the class of 2004, with my undergraduate degree in gynecology. A brown-haired, hazel-eyed guy with a body between toned and muscular, I couldn't wait for the day where I could reach into multiple vaginas in just one day. While at med school, I met Mia Williams, who was attending Princeton to become an urologist. Natural platinum-blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and a chiseled swimmer's body; she was perfect. We told each other our majors, and immediately, we knew that we were meant to be. As soon as we got out of college, we went on a trip to Canada, road-trip style. Eventually, sparks flew and libidos ebbed, and my first time doing it in the backseat of a car ensued. Magical. I proposed to her after the trip, and we scheduled a nice Rocky Mountain wedding. Nature was a passion for both of us, and a wedding surrounded in pine trees and snow-capped mountains was perfect. As the big day drew closer, Mia and I were so excited that we were on the brink of insanity.

"Mark," she told me once when we were in bed, our naked bodies pressed together with glaze-like sweat, "I'm nervous." She referred to the wedding.

I wrapped an arm around her neck, "How come? Why? Are you worried this marriage isn't going to last? Because if you do—"

"No, it's not that." She said, "I mean, I've always wanted to marry young, like I am right now, but I've heard so many horror stories from friends, family, Oprah…" she gulped, "…Women saying they've found the perfect guy, but it all falls to pieces in a matter of months. I've found the perfect guy, you. But…I'm just afraid that I'm going to lose you somehow, that in the end, you'll realize that you loving me was just some big mistake, and all you wanted was a pussy to eat and a hot piece of ass…" I stifled a laugh as she said that last part, as if she was trying to be sincere, but it just came out funny.

I ran my hands through her hair as Mia put on her puppy-dog face, I said, "Oh, don't worry, baby. I've been through enough bad relationships to know that this one is the one that's going to last, and that you're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I promise. Just ask me to do anything for you to prove that I will always love you, and I'll do it. Trust me, Mia, this'll last…"

She smiled, edging up closer to me, pressing her boobs against my chest, "Mark…I believe you. I'm sorry I doubted you, I'm just…nervous, that's all."

She slid out of bed, as naked and sweaty as I had ever seen her, and she walked to the door. As she twisted the knob slowly, she turned her head and winked at me as I kept lying in bed.

"I just remembered that an old friend of mine called me. I'm going to call her back right now. Stay in bed, stud." She said, and walked out of the bedroom.

I sighed heavily as I cherished Mia's irrepressible beauty and her slender shape. You think YOU'RE worried, I thought to myself, What if I lost you? I didn't want to lose Mia for anything in the world. But at that moment was when I really started to wonder. I wondered if Mia really loved me, and if she cheated on me, would I still love her?

Don't be ridiculous, Mark. Mia would never cheat on you…Just a bad feeling.

Don't you hate it when bad feelings come true? Especially when they come with an unexpected twist…

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