Chapter 6: Escape

I was more confused than ever when I woke up the next morning in bed with Kurtis … with a raging hard-on that wouldn't shut the fuck up! He was still fast asleep, his head tossed to the side away from me, dark hair tousled around his pillow. I remembered how it felt to touch that hair … to grip it in ecstasy. Damn it!

What the fuck? I think I just traded one problem for another one. Still, I didn't regret what he and I did. But what did that make me? Am I bi now? Holy shit! I just did the thing I accused Mia of doing. Well, she did do it. I saw it with my own eyes. Still … Kurtis is my friend and I work with him. How the fuck am I supposed to work with him now.

I crept carefully from the bed, still in a daze over what happened, not to mention slightly hung over. I could be the ultimate ass and blame it on the alcohol, but that wouldn't be fair to Kurtis. He did try to stop me twice. I picked up my clothes and bag, giving him one last look before quietly exiting the room. I quickly shrugged into my pants and shirt in the living room then got the hell out of Dodge! Go ahead, call me a coward! I am one! But I just didn't know what to say to him now. Plus, I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about the hard-on. It couldn't be for him, could it?

I got into my car and started her up, aiming her directly for the hospital. Maybe work will get rid of the bulge beneath my jeans. I pulled into a parking space and sighed deeply before getting out. Mia was on today and I knew I had to avoid her at all costs. Kurtis would be on later, but I would be on my way out when he came in, so if I could just avoid him for that overlapping half hour I should be okay.

Rayas was in her usual brutal mood, but today, at least, I actually was thankful for it. She kept me busy from the minute I got in with case after case. In one, an elderly woman with an unrecognizable accent came in complaining of vaginal pain. When we examined her, Rayas pulled the legs and thighs of a raw chicken out of her. A more disgusting smell never passed through my nasal passages, and I've examined corpses in medical school.

"Why did you do this?" Rayas demanded disgustedly.

In broken English, the patient said that a telephone psychic told her it was the only way for someone her age to get pregnant. We shook our heads in bemusement and cleaned her out.

In another case, I had to tell the distraught mother of a fifteen-year-old girl that her daughter's fetus wasn't the result of a modern Immaculate Conception. She insisted it was a miracle. I finally gave up and prescribed some prenatal vitamins. Whatever got them through their fiasco, right?

And through it all, my hard-on remained harder than ever, thankfully hidden between my white coat, which I kept buttoned today. The last thing I needed was for my supervisor to see that. Rayas would have a freaking field day, the cantankerous witch! I toyed with the idea of stopping by Urology to get it checked, but didn't want to run into Mia so I decided to tough it out.

I was just finished with a nervous middle-aged woman who came in for her first PAP smear ever – fucking amazing, isn't it? In this day and age, people still want to risk a life-threatening disease like cancer to avoid an embarrassing test – when I spotted Mia at the nurses' station. I didn't have any patience for this shit today, especially in my own department, so I ducked into the nearest open door. Rayas was bent over a really, really old lady's prone body. She looked up and caught my eye.

"Ah, Chalmers," she smiled humorlessly … which could only bode bad things for me. "Finished with the last one? Then you can assist me."

I looked over her shoulder and almost hurled the contents of my stomach. A bit of what I assumed was the uterus was sticking out from the old lady's vagina and Rayas was touching it gently. My hard-on instantly disappeared and I could only hope now that I would someday see it again.

"You see, the uterus is coming out here," Rayas calmly explained. "And we must anchor it back in."

Coming OUT! That shit can happen? They never went over this in med school! I just nodded dumbly and looked on.

"It can happen to women later in life who have experienced a lot of childbirths," Rayas went on. "How many did you say you had?"

"Twelve," the old lady replied solemnly. "But two died at birth."

Ten kids? She birthed twelve and raised ten kids? Don't people read about overpopulation? Sheesh!

"We will schedule the procedure for tomorrow morning," Rayas told the old lady, who nodded wistfully. "Dr. Chalmers will assist, if that's okay with you." The lady nodded again.

Me? Assist? Geez! I could only agree. As we departed the room, I looked over my shoulder. Mia was gone, but Rayas was still talking about what we would have to do to reattach the wrinkly, rubbery uterus to the little old lady. Due to the patient's advanced age and frail health, we would have to use a local anesthetic and try to keep her as comfortable as possible.

"We will start the surgery at 9 sharp," she said. "That means I will want you here at 7 to go over the procedure with me."

"But I'm just assisting you." Oh, God, please tell me I'm just watching! That's bad enough!

"Yes," she smiled evilly. "But for this procedure, I want you to get hands-on experience."

Oh, fuck!