What happened to you

You were my best friend

I used to trust you with everything

You used to talk to me

You used to make me smile

Now every time I see you I just want to scream or cry or throw something at you

You seem so different now

Did you change?

Did I change?

Maybe both

All I know is that I miss the friend that I used to have

You aren't them are you

That person is gone

I'm never going to see them again

Now you're someone I don't know

Someone I don't want to know

Why are you doing that?

Why are you being this way?

This wasn't you before

Or did I just not notice

Maybe I never did know you

If I didn't its only because you lied to me about who you really were

I only ever wanted to be your friend, for you to be mine

And I thought thats how it was

Why did you do that

Why did you have to ruin it