They're all surrounding me,

As far as I can see,

Plotting for my deconstruction,

To run away in vain,

To escalate the pain,

Running from the deep destruction,

I do not know why,

They want to see me die,

Must escape the mutilation,

What if they block the way?

And will I die today?

Can't escape my alienation,

They see me cry to the leaden sky,

They plot to see me die,

Those demons bite me to see my plight,

I'm blind in dark tonight,

I stay away for all night and day,

To them nothing to say,

I stood over the pyre,

Looking from their fire,

I shall stick to my decision,

Upon me they all frown,

They want to see me drown,

They wait to make the incision,

Living in constant fear,

Forced in their prison here,

Wish my life met its conclusion,

They look to me with lust,

And turn my soul to dust,

Will I die in the collision?

Why can't they see the pain wrecking me?

Please somebody help!

Masses surround me like ravenous hounds,

Listen to my weak sounds,

Laughing sending chills to me on the hill,

My flesh someone please kill!