Tall, Dark and Kristen De Biasi

I couldn't believe it, I slammed my locker. This new school has given me nothing but trouble since I started yesterday, first they couldn't access my school files, then every teacher kept calling me Kasha and then this. I replayed the scene in my mind once again.

"Rose, I think you may need help understanding the concept of Romeo and Juliet so I've got you a tutor" Mr. Hayes said

"What!" I gasped

"It's not has bad as it seems your also going to be a tutor to them because they are failing Ms Grahams algebra class" Mr. Hayes replied

"They?" I asked

I heard the door open behind me but I didn't care my mind was on Mr. Hayes and this whole 'tutoring' thing

"Rose meets Kristen Parker de Biasi" he said. At the sound of the name I smiled I hadn't yet made friends so maybe she would be ….stupid me I thought he got me a female tutor instead when I turned around to look. A tall boy with a muscular build stood before me. He was mixed race maybe black/Italian with light hazel eyes and curly hair and the whitest teeth possible. His face looked like it had been carved and sculptured delicately and with care. My mouth dropped both in horror and in shock of his beauty, can a boy be beautiful, yeah I think they can because he was.

I moaned slightly this day was just going from bad to worst, I mean being stuck with a boy like that would be good wouldn't it, if it wasn't for the fact he spilt his soda over me my first day and do you know what his response was? Oops

I slammed my locker

"Hi" said a voice

"Aah" I screamed, surprise surprise it was Kristen. I gave him a glare from my glare collection

"I see that's been practiced" he smiled

"You scared the hell out of me" I spat out

"Good then consider yourself cleansed" he grinned; he leaned against the wall and had this smug look on his face. I saw his eyes trail up and down my body but occasionally stopping to either look at my face or boobs. I didn't blame him actually I'm not saying I'm supermodel Wow but I'm pretty, I've got long golden white hair down to almost my hip, slim figure, light green eyes, a pouty mouth and great long legs or so I'm told so I was used to guys staring especially at my boobs which were quite big, guess mother nature has been quite kind to me these last 16 years. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and came closely to him.

"Like what you see?" I whispered. He nodded his head in response. Pervert. I gave him one swift kick to the groin before stepping back and allowing to drop to the ground in pain.

"I'll be at yours by 7pm" I said and walked away. I turned around to take a second glance, he was still curled up in pain but now he had some girls crowding around him sympathizing and helping him. One girl stared at me we loathe and disgust.

"Bitch" she said

I stuck out my tongue and continued walking from what I heard Kristin is the most popular boy in school and one of the richest and very smart the only thing he is failing is algebra the boy is useless. My stomach grumbled and I went into the cafeteria. Three was a huge line, I moaned.

"ROSEY, OH ROSE" shouted a voice. I turned to look at who it was coming from it was Kasha, my half sister. If you want supermodel in the making all you had to do was find Kasha, she has same blonde hair expect she has got a short edgy style, dark blue eye she is really tall and curvy and has the whole ' I grew up with the sun' tan tattooed on her skin, she's always looking glowing. I walked over to her and she engulfed me in a huge hug.

"guys this is my baby sister Rose" she said , I smiled and then turned to look at the queue, a short fat boy had replaced me and I could see he was moving forward, curse Kasha I was starving.

"Shit" I said, the boy was now practically at the front, now he was getting lunch oh my... Today they are serving tacos, my favourite and enchiladas, my mouth watered at the thought.

"Agnes we have run out of Tacos and 'childas" the cafeteria woman shouted.

"Rose" shouted a voice

"Huh" I mumbled, kasha looked at me. "What the heck do you want Kasha, I'm hungry"

"Sis, sit down anyway that food is fattening and you could afford to lose the weight you're huge" she said and sat down and yanked me with her. All her friend s were all sipping water.

"Well look who is coming towards us" giggled one of the girl I think her name was pear or apple well it was some sort of fruit. I looked in the direction of her gaze it was a bunch of guys being led by who other then Kristin and he didn't look happy. I took this as my sign to leave.

"Well Kas, I got to go" I smiled

"no you don't hotties in the building" she said dragging me down again, I looked once more, Kristen was getting closer but he didn't look angry he looked amused …and angry who was I kidding the boy looked like he was going to blow.

"Kasha, I kicked Kristen in the balls and now he is coming to vanquish me" I quickly rambled,

"What" she screeched

"I said i..." I began.

"I heard you what possessed you to do…." She said but I didn't let her finish

"Let me go" I squealed she let go of my arm but as I was making my escape that goes to grab me around my waist and pull me close to his body. Who else Kristen.

"Well if isn't my favourite student" he said sickly but I could hear him hiding his anger.

"Hey teach" I replied "how are the twins?"

A scowl came on his face twisting up his features; I mean he was a hot, but when he screwed up his face just not as beautiful. The grip became tighter and before I knew it I was being carried back to the table and sitting back down again but this time Kristen was next to me. Kirsten dug into his bag and pulled out a plastic. As soon as he opened the plastic my heart sunk in horror. A sweet strong aroma came out of it. It was pasta with all the trimmings and sauce and every thing. My stomach grumbled loudly, I could have died of shame right there and then.

"You okay" Kristen said in this amused voice

"yep just dumb Kasha made me miss lunch" I growled " but I'm okay , as Kas said I could afford to lose the weight , though I read somewhere if you diet you mostly gain pounds due to the fact your body clings to every calorie"

"True, and anyway skinny girls sooo overrated" Kristen said "anyway what some of my pasta, I mean you kicked my balls and I ruined your first day lets call this truce lunch"

He pushed the lunch in my face, I felt light-headed with delight. I was going to say yes then I remembered his eye party he was having before with my bosom. I had my dignity I wasn't about to lose it to lunch.

"Nope I'm fine and anyway I been thinking of fasting for lent so I might as well practice beforehand" I said through gritted teeth

"Okay, suit yourself" he said then he continued with his unpacking and ate the pasta right in front of me. I slammed my head on the table out of what I suspect insanity of hunger.


I jumped up in joy this torture was over. I got up from the table and ran to my next lesson. Chemistry. I entered the class quietly and sat down at my table. I felt like if someone was staring at me well actually I knew because they were towering over me. I looked up to see that girl I saw earlier on glaring at me.

"Hello, I'm Rose" I said

"Erica" she sneered, she circled me while giving me hateful glares. "Around here you give boys like Kirsten PDB respect, okay?"

I stood up and glared at her, she wasn't that pretty, Hispanic with curly long hair and the whole thing but her face wasn't all that it looked really plain and cruel.

"Does PDB stand for pubic disgusting body odour because whatever he sprayed on himself sure stank" I spat back; I wasn't going allow a girl like Erica to scare me. I watched as Erica's friends started to stand behind her. My legs were saying run, oh please run while my head was saying stay, be a man...err. Woman…girl who is about to get beaten up.

"Class settle down" said a man, I realized it was Mr. Hayes, I guess he teaches English Lit and Chemistry.

"I see you have all met Rose, Kasha's sister" he said grinning at me. Mr. Hayes is one of the youngest teachers, maybe he was 24 or 25 so he could understand what some of us were going through too bad he had me tutoring Kristen. I sat through the lesson half asleep as he droned on and on about the structure of atoms. By the time it came to the end of the day I was practically crawling on my knees, I didn't have to do so much work back in New York. I had some dork in 8th grade do it for me, harsh but true my Ex-boyfriend got him to it. When I found out I freaked and told him to stop but he didn't he had a crush on me so it was totally innocent.


I turned around to see Kasha in her new Lexus. I smiled and walked over to her when I heard another honk.


I turned around to see a Black Ferrari. I stomped over. The window winded down guess who was at the hem of the wheel but Kirsten of course. The music was at maximum power, the smoke came steaming out of the window, and I practically chocked on the smell of weed. His back passenger's seat was filled with three boys with two girls sitting on their laps one of them was of course Erica.

"Get in scum bucket, its love time" he commanded

I put my hand on my hip and started to walk back to Kasha. Suddenly I heard Kirsten called out.

"Kas, she coming with me" he shouted, before you say ATTCHOO, Kasha had drove off and left me with no option apart from Kirsten or…walking. I looked at the long journey home by foot then I looked at the awful journey to Kirsten's house. I tried to weigh it out with my hands but before I could say anything. A large boy came out of the Ferrari and picked me and carried me to the passenger's side and shoved me in.

"Cough! Cough!" I coughed, the smoke was so overwhelming.

"Suck it up newbie" Erica called out from the back.

"Fuck off and go suck something" I replied

"Wow, how friendly you two are" Kirsten chuckled as he drove onwards. The whole ride was awful. First Kirsten almost hit a senior citizen, a mum and a toddler, a postbox, a lamppost, another car and two dogs and a cat. Then Erica and her friend Jasmine kept on making snide remarks about me. Also the music was pounding at full power and I had a headache, imagine listening to Kray twins ft Twista and Lethal B for almost 20minutes on giant speakers.

"I'm asthmatic" I screamed. Kirsten pressed the window button and all the windows went down.

"Rick, Jasmine stop smoking the joint and chuck it, were close to your place and we don't want your mama asking A. why Rose is dead and B. why you stink of joint" he shouted back. The hyena looking boy on the left threw it out the window.

"Dude that was good joint" Jasmine protested

"yeah it's better than military school so if ya wanna keep bunin' it stop it" Erica said. Jasmine shut up and turned her face away from Erica.

"thanks baby" Kirsten shouted back. Erica smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

"I'm also Kissatic, I get grossed out from when you two kiss" I said smiling

"me too" said the Black boy and Hispanic boy sitting in the middle. The Hispanic boy leaned over to whispering my ear.

"Name is Cobalt" he whispered

Kirsten started laughing as he pulled up to let Erica, Jasmine, Cobalt and Hyena (I prefer that to Rick) out of the car.

"Bye Cobalt, whores and Hyena" is shouted back. Erica managed to give me a scowl before stalking off.

"Hyena?" the black boy said staring at me

"what doesn't he look like a hyena to you?" I asked sweetly. Kirsten bursted out in laughter, it was a full of life, loud, throaty and manly. The black boy behind us joined into with his own loud laugh and I eventually joined in.

"Hey, I'm Nate" said the boy behind me.

"Rose" I replied smiling

"Oh, I'm Kirsten" Kirsten said, we both turned to glare at him. He laughed at us then .Kirsten pulled up into front of a massive gate surrounding a house, he dug into his pocket and pulled out a button. the gates opened and he drove inside and parked into the garage of the house.

"Welcome to my abode" he said grinning at me.

Nate stepped out of the car and went to open the door for me.

"ooh a gentleman" I teased

"if you want a gentleman Nate is your man, if you want a seductive rogue I'm your man" Kirsten said with that annoying cheeky grin slapped on his face. i shut the door and followed Nate into the house. the house was huge and beautiful everything looked like it was imported from the curtains to the lamp near the huge plasma TV. Regina loved imported stuff so did Kas.

"Imported?" I asked

"Mum doesn't trust Italian stuff from America so she gets Italian stuff from well…Italy" he said smiling at me.

"Mama, sono domestico" he shouted, a busty woman about in her mid – 30 came rushing down the stairs. She had long black curly hair, coffee skin and was quite curvy.

"Kristen il mio figlio, la vostra sede" she cried out in joy as she engulfed him in a huge hug. I should have tried but I just couldn't I started laughing and laughing and it was really funny till I felt someone staring at me I looked up to meet a pair of emerald fiery eyes.

"What is so funny?" she asked. I turned to look at Kirsten who was smiling at me.

"N...nothing" I stuttered out. She looked furious "I love your décor Regina and Kasha would love it, it's flawless and beautiful"

"Thank you" she said a big smile spreading on her face then she turn to look at Kirsten "non se la fido di, lei osservo troppo non colpevole, seductress del diavolo"

"Mum she's my tutor for algebra" he said, suddenly her face lit up and she crushed me with one of her hugs.

"Welcome to the family…." She said

"Rose" I replied

"Rose, my daughter come, have you eaten? Are you thirsty? Ooh would like some cake"? She asked eagerly thankfully Kirsten intervened and yanked me upstairs leaving Nate to be stuffed to death by his mum. He dragged me into a room. It was a total pigsty.

"So I guess this is your room" I said, he walked over to his bed.

"Christine!" he shouted, a young girl came rushing.

"Yes" she replied, he then started shouting at her in Italian. She ran out crying. okay I thought Kirsten was a jerk but to make his sister cry like that, that was just cold.

"that was cruel jackass" I shouted and stomped out of the room. i felt him grabbed my arm and pull me back. He crushed my chest with his own and glared down at me.

"my sister has a boyfriend, he is ...is a total jackass my sister hid him in my room my last night when I stayed at Nate's and by the look of the room they weren't just sitting down and having a study period" he gritted through his teeth. "I don't want to be an uncle by the age of 18 okay, so whatever happens between my sister and I is none of your business now are you going to tutor or you gonna annoy?"

I looked at his hazel eyes, I could see the fire in his eyes, and I nodded meekly and went back into the room.


The clock beeped, I looked at the time we had been studying for 3 hours, and Nate had come in to check on us twice, with cake, pie and Ice cream in his hands. And Kristen still didn't get it

"Look lets try something simple 2a-2460a12, so A is….."I queried

".1.34" he replied, I looked at the text book and then back at him.

"I think so" I replied, his mouth dropped.

"You think so, you think so you're taking 12th grade algebra and you don't know" he said picking up a pillow and whacking me on the head.

"hey you're actually in 12th grade so why don't you know?" I replied getting another pillow and whacking his head. Before I knew it we were both began hitting each other, white fluff was all over his bedroom floor. I stepped on the head rest of Kirsten bed to get more leverage when…I fell down dragging Kirsten with me. I met his hazel eyes head on, his chest was crushing my chest and …his mouth, just looked so soft, so warm, so sweet .I touched his lips with my fingertips, and he groaned slightly, I pulled away it felt like I had been burnt. he licked his lips and leaned closer, our mouths were only inches apart.

"KIRSTEN, ERICA IS HERE" Kirsten's mother shouted

I looked at Kirsten; he looked back and buried his head in the crook of my neck.

"Shit" he muttered, then he got up and held out his hand for me but I pushed it away and got up by myself.

"Well, Erica is waiting" I muttered

"She can…" he began

"No she can't anyway, I've got to go" I replied. We went downstairs in silence; Erica was sitting next to Nate who was playing 'destroy all humans' on Playstation 2.

"Non so perchè sempre portate questi le ragazze a casa " his mother muttered

"Mama, don't" Kirsten said, walking over to Erica and kissing her. Nate, Erica and Kirsten left. Leaving me with Kirsten's mother. I was just about to leave when…

"Are you staying for dinner?" his mother queried

"I don't know" I replied

"Well do, you better than that, whore he brings home" she replied

"You don't like her either" I smiled, she shook her head.

"He could have brought a lovely girl home like that Aimee Thatcher or that Kasa Buttons-Hamilton" she replied, Kasa? The only person I knew with that second name was my sister.

"You mean Kasha my older sister" I said

"That is what I said" she replied, she pulled me to the dinning table i felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I took it out.



"Mum, is that you?"

Baby, where are you, I was so worried

"I'm at the Parker De Biasi

What you doing there?

"I was tutoring there son"

Well when you coming home?

"His mum just invited me to dinner, so maybe about 8-9ish

Okay, I'll come and pick you up okay?


Well I've got to go for my seaweed wrap and facial, love you lots

Christine was already sitting there already and there was a little speaker at the end of the table.

"We have a guest, honey" Kirsten mother said to the box

"Benvenuto, I see my wife has some how tricked you into sitting with us for dinner, what is you name" said the voice

"Rose, I heard Kirst say it before" Christine answered quietly "when you stuck to him for me" then she turned to look at me with a smile on her face.


Non so perchè sempre portate questi le ragazze a casa-i don't know why you always bring these girls home

Non se la fido di, lei osservo troppo non colpevole-i don't trust her, she looks too innocent, devil's seductress

Mama, sono domestico- Mama, I'm home