Love: Now In Technicolor!

(a.k.a. Who Will Be Your Rainbow?)

Love is energy unbridled

Define it and like a cloud entered

It fades away, solidifies

Into something different.

Love is energy that is alive

Light given a voice and awareness

No warning or advice can contain it

Or direct it, it defines itself

It's demons and angels fighting

You won't know, no warning

You have to be in it

To know you are in it.

Either three brief seconds or ten tearful years

It could fall on you, it can happen

Like the variety of our senses

White light thru the prism of our crystal hearts

Who will be your rainbow?

When will you let light pass through?

Would you dare try to control it?

Why would you die trying to contain it?

Love captures us and frees us

It makes us let go and hold on

It can create peace or destruction

Black hole or bright sun

Eyes provide the water for it

Ears hear it's musical janglings

Mind gives it the attention it craves

Hearts root it in joyful soil

Where smiles and tears combine

When pain and joy collide

What else asks for it all and nothing?

Why would you take love for granted?

This is the power of love

The love of power turned

Hypocrites need not apply

Only the aware can dare to shine.

So what are you waiting for?

"Shine on you crazy diamond"

Dance and sing and be creative

Be yourself in every color, start today!