1"What the hell do you mean?" I screeched across the dining room. My parents looked so smug and content sitting in the chairs, next to each other, holding hands. My brother stood next to them.

That trader

"Sis, calm down it won't be that bad. It's a really great school, and there will be other girls. It just turned co-ed. It's not like they are sending you to an all boys school," he said laughing then continued, "Besides I go there to." My brother Jay said trying to reassure me. Key word there is trying.

"You just don't get it! I want to stay here, all my friends are here. I don't want to leave all that!" I got the last word before escaping up to my bedroom, slamming the door, and leaving them all with blank expressions on their faces.

I took all my anger out on the objects that lay on my dresser. I swept my hand across the top, knocking everything to the floor. Everything included my jewelry, along with the jewelry box, a light, a snow globe, and a alarm clock.

"It's not going to be that bad," Jay said standing calmly and leaning against the door frame. "Plus Trent will be there," he said in a mocking tone. I screamed at the top of my lungs, and my brother must have seen it coming because he slammed the door shut. Perfect timing because just as he did the snow globe flew from my hand and slammed the door with such force it shattered and left a indent in the door.

I'll get that later

You might notice that I don't have the best record with, dare I say the name, Trent. Well its just that he's been one of my brother's friends forever. Jay went to boarding school since he was about ten, he used to get into lots of trouble as a kid. My parents thought that it would be for the best, so Jay's gone to boarding school for eight years now. That's where Trent comes in, they met in boarding school and have been friends ever since. Trent comes around on holidays and summer break. Basically he comes around whenever they have a vacation. It would be okay if when he comes around they leave me alone, but no. That's not the way it goes, they annoy the hell out of me! Playing immature jokes at any chance they get. Now I have to go to the same school with the both of them, one word comes to mind, unbelievable!

Quickly I scampered across the room, grabbed my coat and went out through the window. Lucky that my room was next to the lattice that went down the side of the house and from there I was off to Leslie's. Sure I could've used my door but I didn't feel like seeing my parents or my brother right now.

I walked up to her door and knocked three times before Leslie's mom answered the door. She was a short, pudgy woman with bright green eyes, and shoulder length curly blonde hair.

"Hi, Mrs. Mitchell. Can I please talk to Les for just a few minutes?" I said in the sweetest tone despite the mood I was in.

"Sure, she's up in here room. Although you can only stay for a little bit, she's still got homework to finish up."

"Thanks," I yelled running up the stairs and into Les' room.

"-Oh, Ally what are you doing here? And did you finish our math homework? I'm failing 'cause Ms. Marx is super tough."

"No, Les I didn't finish math. I've got other things on my mind."

"Oh, do tell. You can't just leave me hanging," sarcasm poured from her every word. I knew she really just wanted to get her homework done.

"Les, my parents are having a baby!"

"Oh my god, that's so cool! A new baby brother or sister." You can obviously tell that this girl was a only child.

"Yeah, and you didn't hear the worst part of it,"I said looking down at my shoes, them seeming more interesting then where our conversation is headed.

"Come on it can't be-"

"They are shipping me off to some boarding school!" I blurted out. I have got to learn to control myself.

For the next few minutes an awkward silence filled the room. It was three minutes to be exact. I would know because I kept looking from Leslie to the clock that hung behind her. She was sitting on her lavender colored comforter looking as though nothing happened, but still not talking because she doesn't want to say the wrong thing. Yeah I've known her that long. She moved here when we were both four and has lived five houses away ever since. That was thirteen years ago and nothing has changed.

"Well," she hesitated, "maybe it won't be so bad. As long as it's not all girls...It isn't all girls is it?"

"Ah! Are you crazy? I would be flipping out way more if it was all girls. It's like exactly the opposite of that. It just turned co-ed!" I screamed so that the whole neighborhood could hear me.

"I can't believe this!" It was Les' turn to scream. "You get all the fun!"

"Where is the fun in that," I said oblivious to what she was talking about.

"Come on, you can't tell me that it doesn't sound the least bit fun to you? You get to go to a practically all boys school, you being one of the very few girls going to be there. I mean there aren't going to be that many girls there. What parent in their right mind would do that? Oh and why are your parents making you go?" She was rambling, but that was Les for you. She's a very talkative type.

"Well first off, my parents are making me because of the baby. It's not even here yet and its making my life hell. They say it will be better that I am away for my mother's pregnancy and that I need some discipline."

"Oh," she lowered her tone from just about yelling to a slight whisper now. That's all she could say? She could at least try and comfort me and make me feel better.

"Thanks for the reassurance Les."

"Sorry, but I don't really have anything to say. I mean I personally would kill to be in your position. Try and think of the positives, you could meet a really cute guy. Don't pay any attention to your brother." She knew that wasn't possible but still made the attempt to help me so for that she gets points.

"Thanks, that's better. I think that I should be getting home, besides I think you have some homework for Ms. Marx," I said sticking out my tongue.

"Wait you never told me when you have to leave?" She asked just as I was at the door.

"They said as soon as possible," I said as I turned around and looked at her. "It's okay though Les, I will write as much as I can and will have my cell phone at all times so call anytime. I don't care about the time differences."

She smiled then said a quick okay and bye.

I rushed back across the street so I could get some rest, man was this a tiring day. Walking down the street it was a really hot night, of course summer just got over, but still. The sun was also just setting so it was really beautiful. It was one of those picture perfect kind that you will only see once. It went all the way from the brightest yellow to the darkest purple.

Just as I was walking in the house, I thought absolutely perfect.

"Hey, beautiful. Haven't seen you in a while. My my have you grown into a big girl." He said not bothering to cover up that he was checking me out. From my wavy brown hair, down my curvy body then back up. Finally he rested his gaze on my bright blue eyes. You might've guessed that this pig standing in my kitchen was none other than Trent.

"Ah, this day keeps getting worse and worse," I said talking to myself. "What the hell are you doing here?" I growled.

"Well my dearest, your parents have invited me for the night since we all go off to school tomorrow," he stated simply but was getting dangerously close for my comfort.

"What point does it make for you to come all the way to Florida from New York just to take another plane to Europe. Wouldn't it just make sense for you to go alone."

"It doesn't make sense but I never said it had to. I just told my parents that I wanted to come down to see your brother before we all had to go away to school. They were never the smartest people anyway so, they paid for me to come down here then go to Europe."

Next thing I know he walked over and hugged me.

"We are going to have so much fun in Europe."


"What you don't believe me?" He pulled apart from me and gave me a innocent face. "That hurts, but let me just give you a preview of our fun." It happened so fast I didn't have time to stop him, he was still hugging me and he pulled my shirt and dumped his ice cold water down the back of me.

"ASSHOLE!" I said as I jumped and tackled him to the ground. I grabbed the nearest thing that I could, which just happened to be a dish towel, and shoved it in his mouth to stop his laughing. My brother chose to walk in at that time and grabbed me off of him kicking and screaming.

"Jay let me go, I'm not done yet," I screamed in his face.

"Yes please let her continue, having you on my lap was quite the pleasure."

"You dickhead! I swear come near me again and your dead!" It was then that I chose to make my graceful exit by yelling and stomping upstairs then slamming my door.

"Damn it!" I forgot about the glass globe I smashed from earlier and stepped right on it. I ran or limped out of the bedroom and into the bathroom to wash my foot and bandage it. It wasn't too bad, just enough for it to hurt.

"Sis, I wanted to make sure your okay," I looked up to see Jay peering in from the hallway. "What happened to you?" I know, real concerned brother. Stood in the doorway and watched me bandage my foot.

"I stepped on the snow globe that I threw earlier. Happy now, you've made my life a living hell on two levels today." Then he started laughing, how dare him! I got up and slammed the door in his face. "GO AWAY!"

I quickly finished bandaging my foot and went back in my room. Thank god the boys were in his room or out. I just wanted this day to end, so I put on my pajama's and climbed into bed. I fell asleep quickly trying to get this awful day out of my head.